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Online Merchandise offered to Drivers and Tracks

Online Merchandise offered to Drivers and Tracks

RUSHFORD, MN - Stock car drivers, their crew members and their fans – as well as race track promoters – love great looking race apparel, and a new service now available will give them all the flexibility to create their very own, customized items.

That new service is called NitroCarts.

Geoff Heppding, CEO of NitroCarts.com, is a Midwestern native with a passion for racing and print media. Over the years, Heppding has thought long and hard how to merge his two passions into an e-commerce, ticketing, and online marketing entity that benefits everyone involved in the motorsports industry. With the rollout of NitroCarts.com, Heppding believes he has the recipe that racer enthusiasts everywhere are going to love, whether they are race track operators, competitors, crew members or fans of the most thrilling sport in the world.

“We are extremely excited about our launch of NitroCarts. NitroCarts is a program that allows technology previously only available to the biggest names in the racing industry to be in the reach of any driver, track or sanctioning body,” said Heppding.

NitroCarts.com is an individualized online marketplace, developed specifically for the racing industry. Racing teams, speedways, racetracks, and sponsors have the ability to “own” an online e-store that offers a wide array of apparel and merchandise, and to generate revenue to support their passion.

Heppding revealed, “What makes this program quite unique is that drivers and speedways get to keep up to 20 percent of every purchase that occurs through their e-store.”

The backbone of the NitroCarts program is the easy and affordable way that drivers and tracks can create profitable e-stores and sell merchandise which features their own logos and designs. The program is slightly different for drivers and race tracks.


A driver does not need to have a website to participate in the NitroCarts program. However, in December last year, NitroCarts entered a strategic partnership with DriverWebsites.com to help drivers develop their own websites if they don’t already have them. For a driver who does not have a website, NitroCarts and DriverWebsites will work together to create an online personalized store, powered by NitroCarts.com. For those drivers who desire to have an informative team website, DriverWebsites.com can help the driver accomplish this, while simultaneously incorporating an online e-store offered through the newly created NitroCarts website. A driver who has an online store, irrespective of website ownership, will be able to keep from 20 to 40 percent of every purchase made from his/her NitroCarts e-store.

Race Tracks

Unlike drivers, most speedways have their own website, and their new NitroCarts e-store can be linked directly to their existing site quickly and very easily.

“With our program,” said Heppding, “speedways can ‘host’ any number of drivers’ online e-stores from their track’s website and their very own track e-store. With this design, visitors to the speedway website will have access to not only existing speedway information, but to the speedway’s e-store and a number of drivers’ e-stores.”

Speedways will be able to keep a portion of the revenue generated from the stores they host, so it will make sense for tracks to host as many driver e-stores as they can as part of the NitroCarts program.

“This is a great way for tracks and drivers to work together and both share the benefit,” noted Heppding.

Additional Benefits

Heppding also noted, “One really great thing about our program is that it allows drivers and tracks to continue working with the artist or graphic designer of their choice. We know there are some talented artists out there who do lots of race wear design in the region. All drivers and track owners can continue to have their favorite artists produce their designs, then simply turn to us for building an online store that offers those designs on custom apparel or other merchandise.”

For both drivers and tracks, the NitroCarts program is exceptionally affordable, according to Heppding.

“We designed this product to be affordable,”?he stressed. “A driver can have a personalized online e-store for a one-time fee of $100.

“A speedway can host an unlimited number of drivers’ online stores for an initiation fee of just $800. When a speedway hosts a driver’s e-store, there is no cost to the driver. This makes a speedway-hosted driver e-store extremely attractive to both the driver and speedway.”

Heppding added, “I have been involved in racing for nearly 30 years. I am fully aware of the financial ramifications associated with leftover inventory. We call this the ‘red tub syndrome.’ For a large number of drivers, it is cost prohibitive to sell apparel out of the back of their trailers. NitroCarts eliminates this problem.”

There is no financial responsibility to the driver or speedway for any of the inventory offered in their NitroCarts e-stores. “Our experience in the print media market and our current infrastructure allows NitroCarts to keep every order internal,” said Heppding. “We can produce items in quantity, or one-by-one, and get them directly to the person purchasing it from any of the e-stores,” he said. The drivers and tracks never have to handle a single piece of inventory, yet they share in the profit of every item purchased from their e-stores.

Ticketing Solutions

In addition to these attractive apparel and merchandise programs, NitroCarts also offers an online ticketing component perfect for race tracks like those in WISSOTA.

“Our strategic partnership model also offers online ticketing with our new Zip e-Ticket program. This program will make it easy for fans to purchase seats to any desired racing event. This program is attractive to sponsors as well, because it offers online ticket ordering with targeted advertising,”?said Heppding.

Fans Will Love It

The easy-to-use, print-on-demand platform allows fans to personalize clothing and other items that support their favorite drivers and speedways. Fans can order one piece, or as many as they want. And every piece can be different, customized in a different way.

Heppding offered this thought:?“Imagine being able to visit a speedway website, where you can purchase a ticket online, then almost immediately go to your favorite driver’s e-store and create and order personalized apparel to wear to the event, knowing that you are also contributing to the driver’s and track’s success. Fans are essentially becoming part of the team when they shop the driver’s e-store!”

NitroCarts is uniquely designed for the racing industry. “With our strategic partnership with DriverWebsites.com, we believe we are providing a ‘complete package’ specifically targeted to drivers, owners, principles and fans in motorsports. We strongly believe that drivers win, speedways win, fans win and sponsors get more recognition than they’ve ever received through traditional race team and track sponsorships.”

For further information about the program and the array of e-commerce, ticketing, and online marketing programs available from DriverWebsites.com and NitroCarts.com, you can visit either site or contact the sales team by phone or email, at: sales@nitrocarts.com or (507) 729-0245.


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