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Fan FAQ’s Leading Into The 36th Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Presented By General Tire

Fan FAQ’s Leading Into The 36th Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Presented By General Tire

These are the most common questions we get. Obviously, we can’t cover everything. If you have questions not addressed here, please call us at (918) 838-3777.

  1. Are there tickets?
    a. For Monday and Tuesday, there are still reserved seats available by the hand full. For the week, we have had a few sets returned, but they are all single seats. There is nothing in pairs and very scattered. You need to call our office at (918) 838-3777 or come by the SageNet Center to purchase.

  2. How much are tickets?
    a. Monday and Tuesday are $54, plus tax. If you get a single seat for the week, four-day tickets are $227, five-day tickets are $282, and tickets for the full event at $337, plus tax (8.517%).

  3. Do you sell tickets online?
    a. No.

  4. I bought my tickets online, but lost them, can you replace them?
    a. Absolutely NOT. There is no way around this. We must also add, for those who might need to sell their tickets, it is the policy of the Chili Bowl Nationals that any ticket be sold at face value. Price Gouging may result in the loss of your tickets.

  5. I bought my tickets from the Chili Bowl, but lost them, can you replace them?
    a. Anyone who attends the Chili Bowl, who has lost or left their tickets at home, will be charged again for their tickets. No exceptions. Only when the tickets are found and returned to the Chili Bowl Office will a refund be issued for the second charge. The buyer has 30 days after the Chili Bowl to claim a refund.

  6. If I already have tickets, how much are Pit Passes?
    a. That is called a Combo Pass, and it is $20/day. You must have all your tickets at the time of purchase. You will hand those tickets in, and be issued a band with your Section, Row, and Seat written on it.

  7. Do you take Credit Cards?
    a. Yes. We take Visa and MasterCard.

  8. Are there Pit Passes?
    a. Yes.

  9. Can I purchase a Pit Pass in advance?
    a. No. Pit Passes are sold at the event and begin Sunday, January 9, 2022, at Noon.

  10. If I show up on Wednesday, can I get a Pit Pass for the rest of the week, or do I have to buy a new one each day?
    a. Yes. You can buy Pit Passes for Monday-Saturday, Tuesday-Saturday, Wednesday-Saturday, etc. You can also buy single-day Pit Passes. You cannot buy a Pit Pass for a later day in advance. Meaning you can’t buy a Saturday Pit Pass on Monday, or a Friday Pit Pass on Wednesday, for example.

  11. How Much are Pit Passes?
    a. They are $60/weekday, $75 on Saturday.

  12. Is the event being televised?
    a. Yes. We are live on all week until the event switches over the MAVTV on Saturday night for the C, B, and A-Features.

  13. Is there live timing?
    a. Yes. Download the MyRacePass App.

  14. What time does everything open and start?
    a. That is all online at

  15. Where are the nightly rosters?
    a. That is all online at

  16. Do you sell apparel online?
    a. No. We don’t have an online store.

  17. Can I bring a Stadium Seat?
    a. No, you cannot bring a seat with a back on it. You can bring pads to sit on or blankets to sit on, but they cannot be taped or attached to the grandstands. Expo will cut them off.

  18. Can I bring outside food or drink?
    a. No, Expo does not allow any outside food or drink. They have concession stands around the Expo. We have no control over those concession stands. They are operated by Expo. No us.

  19. Is there free Wifi?
    a. No. They did have a paid connection at one time, but that service provider is no longer in business.

  20. Do you charge to go through the Tradeshow?
    a. No, the Tradeshow is free to the public at all times.

  21. Can I come to the Building on Sunday and look around?
    a. Yes. The building will be open to roam around the meet the drivers.

  22. Can I smoke or Vape in the Expo?
    a. No. You must go outside. If you are caught smoking, you will be ticketed. A second time will see you removed.

  23. The weather is bad, are you going to cancel?
    a. The event is held entirely indoors. You might need a Hoodie, otherwise we are racing.

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