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POWRi Pure Stock Division September 16-18

POWRi Pure Stock Division September 16-18

Belleville, IL. (9/19/22) Looking at the final push of seasonal racing at four houses of speed for on-track fender action, the POWRi Pure Stock Division maintains strong entries with top talents battling in the National Championship. Weekend victors would include divisional point leader James Redus, Bradley McDowell, TJ Miller, and Alvie Christofferson.

Retaining a slim seventy-point margin point lead, James Redus secures the top of the leaderboard in the POWRi Pure Stock 2022 National Point Championship picture claiming nineteen divisional wins on the season as Grayson McKiney remains runner-up in the seasonal standings. Tyler Knudtson, Tyrel Jones, Preston McDowell, Justin McDowell, Darin Porter, Kolby Rathbone, Kevin Yount, and Chris Countryman continue to round out the current top ten in the seasonal standings.

POWRi Pure Stock Divisional Points Standing is available at under the Pure Stock Divisional Tab.

POWRi Pure Stocks Top 5 Results September 16-18:
• Callaway Raceway(9/16): 1. 88R-Bradley McDowell, 2. 21-Darrin Porter, 3. 70-Harrold Fox, 4. 26-Preston McDowell, 5. 5-Justin McDowell.
• North Central Arkansas Speedway(9/16): 1. 01-TJ Miller, 2. 96-Kolby Vinson, 3. 17-Benton Vinson, 4. 69-Kyle Taylor, 5. 43-Bobby Clayton.
• Electric City Speedway(9/17): 1. 771-Alvie Christofferson, 2. 59-Alex Crawford, 3. 88-Bryan Bedwell, 4. 38R-Rocky McLaughlin, 5. 1DER-Maverick Wunder.
• Springfield Raceway(9/17): 1. L34-James Redus, 2. 92-Michael McKnight, 3. 1C-Scotty Carter, 4. 85-Jody Tillman, 5. 23Z-Zach Countryman.

Upcoming POWRi Pure Stock Events:
• 9/22/22: Electric City Speedway.
• 9/23/22: Callaway Raceway | Electric City Speedway | Historic Bolivar Speedway | Midway Speedway | North Central Arkansas Speedway.
• 9/24/22: Springfield Raceway.
• 9/25/22: Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 9/30/22: Callaway Raceway | Midway Speedway Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 10/1/22: Electric City Speedway | Springfield Raceway.
• 10/2/22: Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 10/7/22: North Central Arkansas Speedway.
• 10/8/22: Springfield Raceway.
• 10/9/22: Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 10/14/22: Electric City Speedway | North Central Arkansas Speedway.
• 10/15/22: Electric City Speedway | Springfield Raceway.
• 10/21/22: Electric City Speedway.
• 10/22/22: Monett Motor Speedway | Springfield Raceway.
• 10/28/22: Electric City Speedway.
• 10/29/22: Springfield Raceway.

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