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POWRi Super Stock Division September 16-18

POWRi Super Stock Division September 16-18

Belleville, IL. (9/19/22) Finding five venues of adrenaline racing rushes hosting weekly fender action, the POWRi Super Stock Division continues the chase for National Point Championship with drivers jockeying for notoriety. Feature weekend winners would include Darek Wiss, Chanley Purtteman, Trae Douty, Devin Irvin, and Kris Lloyd.

Going on an intense surge of a late-seasonal push in points, defending POWRi Super Stock Division National Champion Aaron Poe maintains his quest at a repeat in the seasonal standings with Ted Welschmeyer now residing in the runner-up placement just two-hundred-ninety points behind. Michael Muskrat, Donnie Miller, Devin Irvin, Blaine Ewing, Nick Gibson, Chris Kircher, Bobby Ruff II, and Darek Wiss all stay within striking distance to round out the top ten in the current championship chase.

POWRi Super Stock Divisional Points Standing is available at by clicking on the Super Stock Divisional tab.

POWRi Super Stocks Top 5 Results September 16-18:
• Callaway Raceway(9/16): 1. 8D-Darek Wiss, 2. 8T-Justin Russell, 3. 45-Aaron Poe, 4. 27B-John Brooks, 5. 04-Blaine Ewing.
• North Central Arkansas Speedway(9/16): 1. 5P-Chanley Purtteman, 2. 26-Donnie Miller, 3. 13-Kurt Cotter, 4. 164-Michael Muskrat, 5. 56-Mark Davis.
• Electric City Speedway(9/17): 1. 3-Trae Douty, 2. 66-Jason Thurman, 3. 82M-Anthony Robertson, 4. 14C-Bill Carter, 5. 17-Brian Welliver.
• Nevada Speedway(9/17): 1. 67-Devin Irvin, 2. 164-Michael Muskrat, 3. 6-Bobby Brown, 4. 29K-Chris Kircher, 5. 69-Robbie Jones.
• Old No. 1 Speedway(9/17): 1. 1X-Kris Lloyd, 2. 5P-Chanley Purtteman, 3. 2-Jon Hays, 4. 1-Jeremy Russell, 5. 12-Justin Jarrett.

Upcoming 2022 POWRi Super Stock Events:
• 9/22/22: Electric City Speedway.
• 9/23/22: Callaway Raceway | Electric City Speedway | Midway Speedway | North Central Arkansas Speedway.
• 9/24/22: Nevada Speedway | Old No 1 Speedway.
• 9/25/22: Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 9/30/22: Callaway Raceway | Midway Speedway.
• 10/1/22: Electric City Speedway | Old No. 1 Speedway | Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park.
• 10/2/22: Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 10/7/22: North Central Arkansas Speedway.
• 10/8/22: Old No. 1 Speedway | Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park.
• 10/9/22: Historic Bolivar Speedway.
• 10/14/22: Electric City Speedway | North Central Arkansas Speedway.
• 10/15/22: Electric City Speedway | Old No. 1 Speedway.
• 10/21/22: Electric City Speedway.
• 10/22/22: Monett Motor Speedway | Old No. 1 Speedway | Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park.
• 10/28/22: Electric City Speedway.
• 10/29/22: Old No. 1 Speedway.

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