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Sparks Ready to Make Light of 2023 Race Season

Sparks Ready to Make Light of 2023 Race Season

Lincoln, IL (March 30, 2023) - The first race of the 2023 race season is nearly upon us and young up-and-coming driver, Jace Sparks, is ready for the challenge. Sparks, who is 22 years old and in his senior year of college, will be taking on both the Badger Midgets and the new Midget Auto Racing Association this season.

Sparks is still a relatively new racer after beginning his career in 2019. Unlike others, Sparks did not start racing as a young child and instead spent his formative years as a wrestler. Sparks wrestled competitively beginning at just seven years old.

“I thought it was like WWE when I was a kid. I quickly found out it wasn’t like that at all,” stated Sparks, “but I loved it and wrestled all the way into college.”

Sparks had some success wrestling, becoming a two-time state qualifier in high school and finishing second at the AMC Conference Tournament in college just two years ago. However, his eye has been on motorsports for quite a long time.

“My mom and dad work in the entertainment industry over the summer and can’t travel to the races so that made it hard for us to race,” said Sparks, “my uncle Jeff owned mini-sprints, and one night at Spoon River after the races, my mom and I convinced him to let me test one.”

Needless to say, Sparks was hooked from that day forward, and now as an adult has adapted to a new challenge in motorsports with support from his parents Wes and Bridget, and his uncle.

“I always told myself that when I was older and I could afford it, I would have a race car,” said Sparks.

Sparks has participated in 10 BMARA events and in 2023 is looking forward to the new MARA series as well. He has a connection to the home track for MARA in Lincoln Speedway because his parents both grew up in the area.

“My parents graduated from Lincoln High School,” said Sparks, “I’m excited for it and I’m glad it's finally here!”

Photo Credit: Brendon Bauman

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