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Trey Starks goes three for three; Jared Peterson picks up his second Skagit Speedway win and Howard Vos parks it for his first win of the year.

Alger, WA – Domination was the name of the game Saturday, June 3, at Skagit Speedway. Across all three divisions at Skagit Speedway, every A-Main saw the race winner going flag to flag.

Consistency is key in any sport and for the pilot of the 55 machine, Starks has found what works early winning every Karmart USA Superstore 410 race he's entered this year at Skagit Speedway. Starting the night off Starks found himself in familiar territory topping the charts in qualifying and in turn giving himself an automatic bid into the dash and a top-six starting spot in the A-Main. Coming up a position short of the win in his heat race the chance for a clean sweep of the night was gone. Finishing fourth in the dash set Starks up with a second row outside starting spot in the feature.

Colby Thornhill and Tanner Holmes locked out the front row to start the feature, but Starks got a lucky break on the initial start. As the green flag flew Holmes got out to a quick lead over Thornhill, sliding himself into turn one from the bottom to the top but Holmes couldn’t hang on to it looping the car around on the high side of turn two. With Holmes tagging the rear of the field Starks restarted second. Getting a quick jump on Thornhill, Starks pulled out to the lead and started to pull away to the win.

“I was just trying to get up around the top as quick as I could,” Trey said in relation to his move to get the lead on the restart. “I knew he was going to be coming up and I just tried to get through the middle of the corner as fast I could to get around [Thornhill] before he got up there. That was a big part of the race, it was about as technical and demanding of a racetrack, you'll see.”

While Starks pulled away Jason Solwold started working his way up from outside the top six making his moves on the restarts which were aplenty in the early goings of the night.

“I just went for the smoothest part on the track,” Solwold said when asked about his success on the restarts. “Like Trey said it was definitely a technical track, it's just not up to my cup of tea you know, I'm a little old for that, so I just choose the smoothest line and we finished second again.”

The Northwest Focus Midgets made their second appearance of the year at Skagit Speedway and just like their last appearance Jared Peterson was the man to beat leading all 25 laps in dominating fashion.

After starting his night off with a heat race win Peterson started outside row one in the feature event. Darting down to the inside of the track quickly on the start Peterson settled in and saw no real competition for the lead or the race win. Behind him, the battle for second heated up between Shane Smith and Alex Peck but Peck couldn’t make his way around Smith for second place in lap traffic.

After running up front at some point in every race in the Hornet Divison, Howard Vos finally got it done as he left the hotel key on the counter and checked out pulling away to half a track lead over second place in the A-Main showing amazing car speed that was untouchable by anyone. Even when a late race caution looked to make things interesting, Vos was just in another zip code pulling back out to half a straightway led in under two laps.

The 360 Sprint Car Division will be back in action next Saturday, June 10, 2023, joining them will be the Sportsman Sprint Car Division and the Northwest Focus Midgets.

Full Rundown:

Karmart USA Superstores 410s
Qualifying: Trey Starks 11.336
Heat 1: Tanner Holmes
Heat 2: Luke Didiuk
Heat 3: Jesse Schlotfeldt
Dash: Colby Thornhill, Tanner Holmes, Luke Didiuk, Trey Starks, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Greg Hamilton
A-Main: Trey Starks, Jason Solwold, Colby Thornhill, Greg Hamilton, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Justin Youngquist, Luke Didiuk, Cam Smith, Eric Fisher, Chase Goetz, Bailey Jean, Lane Taylor, Jordi Meese, Corey Summers, Shawn Wallenfelzs Jr., Tanner Holmes Axel Oudman, Mike Brown
Lap Leaders, Trey Starks 1-30
Heat 1: Ashley Thompson
Heat 2: Jared Peterson
Heat 3: Tanner Holm
Heat 4: Shane Smith
B-Main: Dalton Christmas, Roger Burt, Bryan Murphy, David Mills, Keegan Creager, Ben Beck, JD Lewis, Joe Shawley, Gary Wegener, Austin Carey, Derek Amundson
A-Main: Jared Peterson, Shane Smith, Alex Peck, Tanner Holm, Jeff Westergard, Jake Munn, Ashley Thompson, Chuck Pierce, Tyler Ketchum, Jesse Munn, Kyle Hanson, Brian Holmkvist, Dalton Christmas, Roger Burt, Ayuka Carlson, Duane Swanson, David Mills, Jamee Gardner, Bryan Murphy, Chris Foster
Lap Leaders, Jared Peterson: 1-25
Qualifying: Brian Michelson
Heat 1: Ian Buck
Heat 2: Howard Vos
A-Main: Howard Vos, Brent Shetler, Ian Buck, Wyatt Covert, Dave Hill, Jeff Woolsey, Julie Buck, Scott Henry, Austyn Sims, Jeremy Sheperd, Colin Sims, Coby Powers, Jordan Warner, David Dykstra, Ron Malcolm, Brain Michelson, Thomas Warner
Lap Leaders, Howard Vos: 1-20

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