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Changes On the Horizon for the Indiana RaceSaver Sprints

Changes On the Horizon for the Indiana RaceSaver Sprints

The Indiana RaceSaver Sprints LLC will be available for purchase effective immediately. The 2023 season and all commitments will be completed as promised and advertised by the current organization and staff. All offers for the series will be heard and considered. So long as the buyer wishes, I will be available to ensure a smooth transition with all of the racetrack promotion teams as well as current sponsors and partners. All series assets will be included in the sale. (Trailer, 4-wheeler, scales, generator, etc.…) Please contact me directly at for inquiries into purchasing the Indiana RaceSaver Sprints LLC.

A note from the promoter: In 2019 the Indiana RaceSaver Sprints LLC was created to ensure the growth and prosperity for the RaceSaver class of sprint cars in Indiana. I am proud to have contributed to this effort and can confidently say that the class of cars is in a good place for the region. Although it was not always easy, I am happy to have had the opportunity to be a series promoter for a group of racers that I respect immensely. Since taking over as the promoter of the series at the end of 2020 I have struggled to balance my time appropriately between my family, my career, my personal racing team, and this series. It has finally come to a point where things need to change, and the series going to a new promoter is the best thing for me at this time.

I want to thank a few people that have made this series the success that it is today. First and foremost, I need to thank my business partner and friend Bob Shutt. Bob initially took on the role of promoter when the series changed hands from original promoter Dan Roberts. Bob established the operational structure that we continue to use to this day. He built upon Dan’s foundation and steered the series on a path to success. Since taking the promoter role from him, Bob has acted as a consultant and advisor for me and has helped more than anyone will ever know. Next, I need to thank the staff that have represented our series with excellence since day one. Heather Spencer, Jacob Lunde and Derrek Williams. This team makes the series run like a well-oiled machine come race day. They represent the brand with pride and always put their best foot forward. I also want to thank Dan Roberts who provided guidance and support when he handed the series over and has continued to support us through the years. I am truly fortunate to have been able to work with these people and call them my friends.

The sponsors that have supported this series over the last several years deserve massive recognition. Schaeffer’s Oil has been a critical factor in our success and ability to host racing events. They have allowed a championship fund to be a reality while also supporting the series and its teams. They have been amazing to work with, and I hope to facilitate the transition for the next owners to continue this relationship. Xcaliber Graphics was our initial series title sponsor and has kept us looking good for years. MSG Company, my mom, has provided funds for the drivers and support behind the scenes to ensure the business always operated properly. Allstar Performance, Hoosier Tire, Barringers Tavern, and Schoenfeld Headers provided contingency awards for our drivers and have been great supporters. Dennis Nalon at NPD Race Engines and Gary Vyse have provided support both to the drivers and me personally as consultants to the series.

There are many more people and companies that made this all possible. Kevin Huntley, Daryl Tate and Mickey Smith all played a part and their efforts have not been forgotten. Additionally, we have had the pleasure to work with many other sponsors for special events or special awards. (Honest Abe Roofing, AE Race Radios, Samco Manufacturing, Norris Racing, NetSpeed, and many more). I am sure I have forgotten some people and companies and I apologize for that.

When the series changes hands I will do my best to support the new owner(s) through the transition period with whatever direction they wish to go. However, I do want to highlight an opportunity that could work out best for all RaceSaver teams and promoters in Indiana. It is clear that Spiker Promotions has a large interest in running this class of cars at their two facilities. Until the class of cars in the state is large enough to support multiple shows on the same night, I only see one way forward where everybody gets what they want.

I propose the series go to a 10-12 race schedule with fixed dates at unique tracks targeting 2 races per month from May to October. Many of these fixed dates already exist. June has the Huntley Memorial and Fast Freddy at Bloomington and Lincoln Park. July has the Crossroads Classic at Circle City and the Ohio vs Indiana race at Florence. August has the Hoosier Sprint Nationals at Tri-State. September could work well with our new tracks this year at Red Hill and Lawrenceburg. Lastly, we have the Kokomo Klash in October. So, we already have 8 races at 8 tracks. There just needs to be a race or two for May and a second race in August and there are plenty of great tracks to choose from. (Gas City, Montpelier, Terre Haute, Paragon or Brownstown). The other thing to consider is that currently not many teams race every weekend and chase a championship. I think awarding a top 5 championship is important but may be best to just be a trophy and bragging rights. That way all the individual events can benefit from any sponsorship money the series receives and the race purse can be increased without relying on the racetracks to cover the cost alone.

This leaves the majority of the race season for Spiker Promotions to continue to operate under a more traditional track championship format and give all the teams the opportunity to race however they choose. The touring series will have fixed dates, rain or shine so as not to interfere with the Spiker Promotions schedules. These dates can be established now and agreed upon by all involved parties to ensure there are no miscommunications. As I said, I will support the direction that is taken by the new owner(s) regardless if my idea is used or not. As were my intentions from the beginning, I just want what is best for this series and class of cars in Indiana.

We have a lot of great races on the schedule still to get to this year and I hope everyone will join our series as much as possible on my own little victory lap to close out this season.

See you at the races,
Alfred Galedrige Jr.

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