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Knoxville Raceway Releases Tire Information

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (April 8, 2013) – Hoosier Tire has released the following information concerning the tires that will be used at Knoxville Raceway this season:

Pressure Recommendations

The following is the recommended minimum starting air pressures for the new sprint dirt spec tires:

  • Left Rear (all sizes in H12 and H15) - 6 psi

  • Right Rear (105/16-15 H15, H20, and Medium) - 8.5 psi

Tire and Bead Lock Fitment

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp is recommending teams consult with their specific wheel manufacturer to ensure that new and correct bead lock rings are being utilized with Hoosier Dirt Sprint Car Tires. Over a period of time from usage, bead lock rings can become distorted possibly resulting in a loss of air pressure in the tire.

In addition teams should consult with their wheel manufacturer for installation instructions and torque specifications for bead lock rings designed for sprint car dirt racing.

Knoxville Raceway Tire Rules

Knoxville Raceway tire rules are posted in the 2013 rules on the web site for all classes at

Knoxville Raceway will start out the season with the one tire rule for all night in the 410 class. The 410’s will also be given a courtesy tire to be used at any time during the season. This is a one time exemption and may be a new legal tire. Officials must be notified when using this one time exemption. Officials will keep track of this for the teams. The courtesy lap procedure has been changed to one lap for flat tires only in all events.

Additional Pit Notes

Additions and or changes to the 2013 purse and points will be posted to the Knoxville Raceway web site soon. There will also be some changes to a few other areas of the procedural rules, which will be in place by opening night. Practice Night gates open at 4:30 p.m. The tech area will be open and we want to get as many cars through tech for the season as possible.

Please review the Knoxville Web site for all the rules for all three classes at

The Knoxville Raceway Race Committee met and voted to allow 15-year-old drivers who have completed a rookie evaluation to compete in the 305 Sprint car class. Other changes to the point structure and feature inverts were approved. Officials also expressed a concern and possible changes to the qualifying nights that there are a large number of cars. The committee also approved having a few Dash for Charities events if possible throughout the year.

About Knoxville Raceway

Since 1954, fans have flocked to Knoxville Raceway to experience the most exhilarating and intense dirt track racing in the world. Top drivers come to Knoxville, Iowa, to compete for prestigious racing titles in events like the Knoxville Nationals, Knoxville Championship Cup Series and the Late Model Knoxville Nationals. As the Sprint Car Capital of the World, Knoxville Raceway has developed into a tradition, legacy and leader in dirt track and open wheel racing.

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