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PPMS Embraces EV in 2025

PPMS Embraces EV in 2025


APRIL 1, 2024

Pittsburgh, PA - In an unprecedented leap into the future, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (PPMS) boldly proclaims its transition to an electrifying new era with electric vehicle (EV) racing set to dominate the 2025 season.

Renowned for its legacy of roaring, fuel-guzzling races, PPMS charts a path towards eco-friendly horizons, waving goodbye to tradition and embracing the avant-garde. This visionary move showcases PPMS's unwavering dedication to progress, environmental stewardship, and providing fans with a shockingly thrilling spectacle.

"We can't contain our excitement as we announce the electrifying future of racing, commencing in 2025," remarked Tyler Harris, the Operations Manager of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. "Sure, we get it; some folks might feel a bit nostalgic about the roaring engines, but hey, progress waits for no one. Besides, who needs that old-school charm when you've got the allure of electric motors? The benefits far outweigh any trivial concerns. We expect our competitors to make this transition right along side of us."

The transition to EV racing at PPMS promises a pulse-pounding experience with cutting-edge electric racecars, fueled by state-of-the-art battery wizardry and turbocharged electric motors. Fans can anticipate heart-stopping action with blistering acceleration, whisper-quiet engines, and a thrill level that's off the charts.

PPMS pledges to overhaul its infrastructure to support this electrifying revolution, with plans underway to scatter charging stations across the facility and tailor enhancements to the unique demands of electric racecars.

"Those old fashioned gas engines? Yawn," quipped Blair Cress Jr, owner of PPMS. "It's time to bid them farewell and welcome the future with open arms. The sooner we make this shift, the better; am I right?"

If readers have made it this far, let us not forget that this announcement comes on April 1st, known colloquially as 'April Fools Day'. PPMS harbors zero intentions of converting to EV technology in 2025 or anytime in the near future.

Instead, the real action kicks off in just five days with our 2024 Regular Season Opener featuring the RUSH Sprint Car Series. Alongside the RUSH Sprint Cars, spectators will experience the Rohrich Parts Center / Chevrolet Performance RUSH Late Models, Pittsburgh Truck Center Pro Stocks, Fuel Required Hobby Stocks, Crawford Auto Repair Open Four Cylinders, and the All Ways Safe Flagging and Traffic Control Young Guns.

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About Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway:

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway stands as a beacon of motorsport excellence, nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since its inception, PPMS has remained a cornerstone of the racing community, staging electrifying events that captivate fans of all ages. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, PPMS continues to redefine the boundaries of motorsports, delivering unforgettable experiences to racing enthusiasts worldwide.

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