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We're All Going Streaking! Win Streaks Continue At Ventura

We're All Going Streaking!  Win Streaks Continue At Ventura

(April 29, 2013, Cliff Morgan, Ventura Raceway) OXNARD, CA - Fans at Ventura Raceway saw another night of exciting open wheel racing Saturday night April 27. A full night of short track racing action featuring six adult classes saw drivers continue their battle for points and glory in the new season.

The night belonged to Ronnie Gardner in his Mitchell Johnson prepared midget as he took his third win of the new season. Gardner took the win in the 30 lap feature over Cody Swanson, Bruce Douglass, Randi Pankratz and Rick Hendrix. Gardner started fifth in the field and moved to the front, taking the lead on lap 4 from Jake Swanson and led to the finish. Two heat races were run with wins going to Randi Pankratz in heat one and Ronnie Gardner in heat two. After four races Ronnie Gardner leads the point race by 95 points over Jake Swanson.

IMCA Modifieds continued their season with two heat races for the field of 13 cars in the pits. James Stowe took the heat one win and Steve Bulpitt took the win in heat two. The twenty lap feature was an all out dog fight with several different drivers battling for the lead. Mark Davis led laps 1-2, followed by Dennis Eckert leading from lap 3-16. with Josh Vogt taking the lead on lap 17 from his tenth place starting position and go on to take his fourth win in a row, a new IMCA Ventura Raceway record. Following Vogt to the line were Dennis Eckert, Brad Prows, 2012 track champion Jack Parker and Robbie Witwer. Vogt's win puts him solidly in the point race lead by 11 points over Robbie Witwer and 13 points over Jack Parker after four races in 2013.

VRA Senior Sprints raced Saturday night with 2012 champion Clif Warren taking his fourth win of the new season. He passed Chris Meredith on lap 7 and went on to take his record setting fourth win in a row. Following Warren across the line were Chris Meredith, Mike Cook, Greg Andrews and Ed Schwarz. Warren also took the win in their one heat race.

The growing VRA Hobby Stock Class was back Saturday with 9 cars in the pits. Two heat races were run with wins going to Tom Stephens JR in heat one and Scott Dinger in heat two. The 20 lap feature saw wild action with the win going to Danny Quinn. Quinn took the lead from early race leader Scott Dinger when Dinger lost a wheel going into turn two on lap 7. Following Quinn across the line was Gary Curtis, Ernie Malone, David Heurung and Randal Dougan. After four events in the new season, Gary Curtis and Scott Dinger are tied for the lead in the point race.

VRA Sport Compacts resumed their season with 2012 season champ Zack Peterson trying to take his second win of the season. As it turned out it he was able to accomplish his goal in a win over his teammate Andrew Greiman, James Adler, Mike Stanford and Bruce Fink. Their heat race win went to Bruce Fink. With his second win Peterson now leads James Adler by 70 points after three races.

The final group racing Saturday night was our VRA Go Kart Class. With 8 karts in the pits one heat race was held with wins going to Matt Jones. The 20 lap main event was a fast and furious race on the big track with Matt Long taking the win over Kenny Byers Jr., Conner Lovingfoss, Kenji Ito and Logan Lovingfoss. Jones' win was his third in the new season giving him the point lead by 115 points over Kenny Byers Jr. .

Racing resumes next Saturday night May 4, with a full program of exciting racing featuring VRA Sprints, IMCA Modifieds, VRA Focus Midgets, Quads, VRA Sport Mods and our three kids classes Junior Midgets, Mini Dwarf Pistons and Superchargers.

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Ventura Raceway Race Results for 04/27/2013

VRA Midgets
Race #4 04/27/2013

Main Event Results: 1. Ronnie Gardner, Norco, Ca, 30 Laps; 2. Cody Swanson, Norco, 30 Laps; 3. Bruce Douglass, Ventura, 30 Laps; 4. Randi Pankratz, Atascadero, 30 Laps; 5. Rick Hendrix, Palmdale, 30 Laps; 6. Jake Swanson, Anaheim, 30 Laps; 7. Victor Davis, Simi Valley, 29 Laps; 8. Jimmy Voitel, Covna, 3 Laps; 9. Kyle Edwards, Fountain Valley, 3 Laps; 10. Kyle Smith, Moorpark, 0 Laps
Lap Leaders: Rick Hendrix (1), Jake Swanson (2-3), Ronnie Gardner (4-30)

Heat Race Winners: Super Shox Heat 1: Randi Pankratz; Schroeder Racing Products Heat 2: Ronnie Gardner

Keizer High Point Award: Randi Pankratz
K&N Engineering Hard Charger: Ronnie Gardner
DJ Safety Hard Luck: Kyle Smith

Top 10 in points: 1. Ronnie Gardner, 980; 2. Jake Swanson, 885; 3. Cody Swanson, 830; 4. Randi Pankratz, 710; 5. Kyle Smith, 640; 6. Rick Hendrix, 580; 7. Bruce Douglass, 575; 8. Kyle Edwards, 480; 9. David Prickett, 435; 10. Victor Davis, 165

VRA Senior Sprints
Race #4 04/27/2013

Main Event Results: 1. Cliff Warren, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 2. Chris Meredith, Thousand Oaks, 20 Laps; 3. Mike Cook, Long Beach, 20 Laps; 4. Greg Andrews, Fillmore, Ca, 20 Laps; 5. Ed Schwarz, Santa Fe Springs, 2 Laps
Lap Leaders: Chris Meredith (1-7), Cliff Warren (8-20)

Heat Race Winners: SpinTech Mufflers Heat 1: Cliff Warren

Top 10 in points: 1. Cliff Warren, 1005; 2. Chris Meredith, 840; 3. Mike Cook, 790; 4. Ed Schwarz, 665; 5. Steve Brown, 560; 5. Greg Andrews, 560; 7. Wally Pankratz, 370; 8. Victor Davis, 200; 9. Bruce Douglass, 180; 10. Ron Bach, 175

IMCA Modifieds
Race #4 04/27/2013

Main Event Results: 1. Joshua Vogt, Santa Maria, 20 Laps; 2. Dennis Eckert, Canyon Country, 20 Laps; 3. Brad Prows, Oak View, 20 Laps; 4. Jack Parker, Simi Valley, 20 Laps; 5. Robbie Witwer, Ridgecrest, 20 Laps; 6. Mark Davis, Ventura, 20 Laps; 7. Joe Weaver, Ventura, 20 Laps; 8. John Romero, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 9. Robbie Brand, Barstow, 20 Laps; 10. Steve Bulpitt, Culver City, 20 Laps; 11. James Stowe, Ridgecrest, 14 Laps; 12. Rob Green, Ojai, 4 Laps; 13. Mark Joe, Santa Paula, Did not show
Lap Leaders: Mark Davis (1-2), Dennis Eckert (3-16), Joshua Vogt (17-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: James Stowe; Heat 2: Steve Bulpitt

Oldies Speed Shop Hard Charger: Joshua Vogt
Oldies Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Rob Green

Top 10 in points: 1. Joshua Vogt, 160; 2. Robbie Witwer, 149; 3. Jack Parker, 147; 4. Brad Prows, 138; 5. James Stowe, 134; 6. John Romero, 127; 7. Dennis Eckert, 122; 8. Mark Davis, 115; 9. Steve Bulpitt, 113; 10. Aaron Rodarte, 109

VRA Hobby Stocks
Race #4 04/27/2013

Main Event Results: 1. Danny Quinn, Ridgecrest, 20 Laps; 2. Gary Curtis, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 3. Ernie Malone, Ojai, 20 Laps; 4. David Heurung, 13 Laps; 5. Randal Dougan, Camarillo, 12 Laps; 6. James Brown, Oxnard, 10 Laps; 7. Scott Dinger, Simi Valley, 7 Laps; 8. Eric C. Lopez, Bakersfield, 7 Laps; 9. Tom Stephens Jr, Ventura, 3 Laps
Lap Leaders: Scott Dinger (1-7), Danny Quinn (8-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Tom Stephens Jr; Heat 2: Scott Dinger

Top 10 in points: 1. Gary Curtis, 925; 1. Scott Dinger, 925; 3. Ernie Malone, 850; 4. David Heurung, 835; 5. Tom Stephens Jr, 560; 6. Randal Dougan, 370; 7. Danny Quinn, 255; 8. James Brown, 190; 9. Eric C. Lopez, 180

VRA Sport Compacts
Race #3 04/27/2013

Main Event Results: 1. Zachary Peterson, Oxnard, 20 Laps; 2. Andrew Greiman, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 3. James Adler, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 4. Eric Griffin, 20 Laps; 5. Bruce Fink, Port Hueneme, 19 Laps; 6. Mira Cook, Camarillo, 19 Laps; 7. Mike Stanford, 2 Laps
Lap Leaders: Zachary Peterson (1-10), Andrew Greiman (11), Zachary Peterson (12-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Bruce Fink

Top 10 in points: 1. Zachary Peterson, 740; 2. James Adler, 670; 3. Mike Stanford, 625; 4. Mira Cook, 530; 5. Andrew Greiman, 425; 6. Bruce Fink, 410; 7. Eric Griffin, 390; 8. Joel Chavez Jr., 350; 9. Cameron Dougan, 310; 10. Jeff Stanton, 200

Race #3 04/27/2013

Main Event Results: 1. Matt Jones, 20 Laps; 2. Kenny Byers Jr, Ventura, 20 Laps; 3. Connor Lovingfoss, 20 Laps; 4. Kenji Ito, 20 Laps; 5. Logan Lovingfoss, 20 Laps; 6. Douglas Lebow, Camarillo, 18 Laps; 7. Nick Valentine, Shell Beach, 18 Laps; 8. Justin Raper, Paso Robles, 8 Laps
Lap Leaders: Kenji Ito (1-8), Kenny Byers Jr (9-14), Matt Jones (15-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Matt Jones

Top 10 in points: 1. Matt Jones, 775; 2. Kenny Byers Jr, 660; 3. Justin Raper, 570; 4. Kenji Ito, 530; 5. Dylan Ito, 400; 6. Holiday Perches, 315; 7. Chris Gibb, 240; 8. Connor Lovingfoss, 205; 8. Cody Nigh, 205; 10. Henry Ito, 185


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