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First 410 Win for Thornhill at Skagit Speedway

First 410 Win for Thornhill at Skagit Speedway

Alger, WA - Colby Thornhill made waves on Saturday night with his first feature win in the Karmart 410 Sprint Cars at Skagit Speedway. Joining Thornhill as winners on the night were Trey Starks and Tyson Blood.

It was a battle between young guns at the front of the Karmart 410 Sprint Car main event, with Lane Taylor setting out to the early advantage over Landon Brooks. Taylor held the top spot for the first five laps before Brooks came up to get him on lap six. All the while, Colby Thornhill was building speed and rhythm behind the top two, battling his way past defending champion Trey Starks into third and contention for the lead. With traffic heavy, Brooks would keep the lead until lap 20 when Thornhill found clean passage through the slower cars and into the lead. Brooks would try to get back by, but Thornhill grew his lead too large to be overcome as he won his first career 410 feature. Brooks and Taylor rounded out the podium. The top three in the main event were also the three heat race winners, with Starks taking fast time.

While Starks was shut out from the podium in the 410 class, he more than made up for it by sweeping the 360 division on Saturday night. Starks set quick time and drove from fourth to the win in his heat race before taking the lead on lap seven of the main event en route to the sweep. Colby Thornhill led the first six laps of the feature before Starks got by and then was embroiled in a fantastic battle with Cam Smith that ended with Smith taking the runner up spot. Colby would finish third. Joining Starks as heat race winners were Thornhill and Colton Heath.

For the second week in a row, Tyson Blood found victory lane in the Skagit Aggregates IMCA Modifieds. Blood was running third just behind the lead pair of Branden Nutter and Jeff Westergard when the pair made contact in turn four on lap 11. The contact pushed both drivers up the track, opening the low groove up for Blood to drive straight by and into the lead. Tyson would roll unchallenged the rest of the way for the win, with Ben Gunderson surging into second and Nutter third. Rick Smith, Westergard and Kevin Smith were all heat race winners.


Karmart 410 Sprint Cars - 22 Entries
Fast Time - Trey Starks 11.338
Heat 1 - Landon Brooks
Heat 2 - Colby Thornhill
Heat 3 - Lane Taylor
A-Main - Colby Thornhill, Landon Brooks, Lane Taylor, Trey Starks, Robbie Price, Joel Myers Jr, Cam Smith, Justin Youngquist, Willie Croft, Eric Fisher, Greg Hamilton, Brock Lemley, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Jason Solwold, Tyler Anderson, Evan Margeson, Luke Didiuk, Bailey Jean, Axel Oudman, Mike Brown, Brett McGhie, Greg Otis
Lap Leaders - Taylor 1-5 Brooks 6-19 Thornhill 20-30

360 Sprints - 24 Entries
Fast Time - Trey Starks 11.728
Heat 1 - Trey Starks
Heat 2 - Colton Heath
Heat 3 - Colby Thornhill
A-Main - Trey Starks, Cam Smith, Colby Thornhill, Robbie Price, Chase Goetz, Jordi Meese, Colton Heath, Levi Hillier, Kai Dixon, Jordan Milne, Levi Klatt, Mike Brown, Tanner Holm, Dustin Gehring, Johnny Burke, Brock Lemley, Levi Kuntz, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Eric Rockl, Lawrance Kirkham, Bill Rude, Shawn Wallenfelsz, Dan Reynold, Ashleigh Anstensen
Lap Leaders - Thornhill 1-6 Starks 7-31

Skagit Aggregates IMCA Modifieds - 20 Entries
Heat 1 - Rick Smith
Heat 2 - Jeff Westergard
Heat 3 - Kevin Smith
A-Main - Tyson Blood, Ben Gunderson, Branden Nutter, Graham Cook, Jason Pestka, Adam Holtrop, Kevin Smith, Cory Gordon, Jeff Westergard, TJ Larsen, Ben Malmstadt, Dan Butenschoen, Lee Swift, Billy Coles, Rick Smith, Austin Smith, James Bundy, Greg Hibma, Lane Zerbin, Alan Grimbly
Lap Leaders - A Smith 1-2 Nutter 3-10 Blood 11-14

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