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Dahlke Memorial Supporters More Than Double Sunday's Badger Purse

Dahlke Memorial Supporters More Than Double Sunday's Badger Purse
Dahlke Memorial Supporters More Than Double Sunday's Badger Purse
Dahlke Memorial Supporters More Than Double Sunday's Badger Purse

This Sunday, May 19, the Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midget Auto Racing Association helps open the Angell Park Speedway season with a very special race.

In September of 2022, the Badger Midget family lost BJ and Addison Dahlke to a tragic auto crash. BJ was a friend and supporter to many in the Badger ranks and his daughter, Addison, at age 11, was race fan too. How could Addison help but be a fan? Her dad was a former racer and her grandfather, Butch Dahlke, was a longtime Badger board member, president, driver and owner.


Addison especially loved the Badger Kid's Club. According to her mother, Melissa Folz, "This is why I have so much passion to make the Kid's Club the best one around. I know how much she loved it and I make it my priority during the season. I can’t tell you how many tears I shed last season, looking at all the excited kids after they won bikes.

Some children would come thank me personally, some would come hug me and some not really understanding, would tell me to tell Addison, 'thank you.' I think Addison would be pretty proud with what we did last year. We raised over $12,000 for the bike give away and I’m fairly certain every kid that attended a race last season received a bike and that wouldn’t have been possible without all the support from our friends and sponsors."

That aspect of the Badger Kid's Club will continue in 2024. Children sign up at the Badger souvenir trailer and several names will be drawn to select a new bike.


2023 was the first Dahlke Memorial. Fans, team, sponsors and other supporters all donated an amount to help the entire feature field earn a little more money on race day.

Folz continues, "We do the race obviously in memory of both of them and it’s a nice way to raise a little more purse money to give out to the drivers, because they absolutely deserve it. I think Bj would think the extra money we raise in memory of him and Addison is pretty awesome and I agree. I’m humbled by the generosity of everyone who supports us with this race and even more grateful to the ones that support us all season long with their sponsorships for the Addison Dahlke Kids club."

"A little more purse money," is an understatement. To date, over $11,000 has been raised, more than doubling Badger's normal Angell Park purse. The payout is not totally top loaded either. Each feature starter will earn at least $200 more this Sunday. There are boosts in other contingencies also.


Addison's two favorite drivers were Brandon Waelti and Todd Kluever.
Waelti, last year's winner of the Dahlk Memorial said, "Having the Dahlke memorial be the opening night at Angell Park Speedway, brings on a different meaning. I was honored to win the inaugural event for my lost friends last year. With the honor of winning this event and the extra purse money donated by so many generous friends, family and fans, this race is one that is a must win for the Badger teams."

Kluever shared these thoughts of his departed crewman and daughter, "If you look at the amount of people that contributed to all the lap money and sponsorship of the race, it is a testament to BJ and Addison, as to how much they were loved and how big of a impact that had. BJ literally would have done anything for someone he cared about. He was one of my best friends and I miss him terribly.

I watched Addison grow up basically from a little girl right in our shop. She and my nieces were very close. Their passing has left a devastating hole in our family. They were basically family."

Fans can support the event further as commemorative shirts, Koozies and hats will be on sale.

This Sunday's event will also include the IRA Sprint Cars and Midwest Legends Dirt Series. Times and other info will be available on the BMARA website and outlets as the week progresses.

Article by: Bill Blumer Jr. (Badger Midget Media)

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