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Friesen, Lagroon, and Bolt Best NOW600 Jayhusker Region Fields at Jefferson County!

Friesen, Lagroon, and Bolt Best NOW600 Jayhusker Region Fields at Jefferson County!

FAIRBURY, Neb. (June 24, 2024) - Jadyn Friesen, Cale Lagroon, and Gavyn Bolt bested their respective fields on Saturday at Jefferson County Speedway with the NOW600 Jayhusker Region.

68 entries for regional action were on hand featuring 29-NOW600 Non-Wing, 23-NOW600 A-Class, and 16-NOW600 Restricted micro sprints.

Jadyn Friesen from third picked up the win in Stock Non-Wing with Dylan Steinkruger finishing in second. Third went to Landon Graham with Caleb Woodard advancing five places to finish fourth. Jacob Latta rounded out the top five.

Dylan Steinkruger, Ava Gropp, and Landon Gasseling each won heat races. Cruz Dickerson topped the B-Main.

Cale Lagroon scored the Winged A-Class victory. Jadyn Friesen finished in second with Cruz Dickerson in third. Kamden Gasseling was fourth with Kruz Jelinek the top five.

Jadyn Friesen, Cruz Dickerson and Donnie Burrows won heat races.

Gavyn Bolt ran to victory in Restricted. Tityn Roberts crossed in second with Taelynn Roberts in third. Jadi Andrasek was fourth at the line with Keegan Gasseling the top five.

Tityn Roberts and Gavyn Bolt each won heat races.

Next up for the NOW600 Jayhusker Region will be Saturday, June 29 at Clay County Fairgrounds in Clay Center, KS.

6/22/2024 at Jefferson County Speedway - Fairbury, NE
NOW600 Jayhusker Region


A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 2F-Jadyn Friesen[3]; 2. 5-Dylan Steinkruger[2]; 3. 5G-Landon Graham[5]; 4. 35W-Caleb Woodard[9]; 5. 7J-Jacob Latta[6]; 6. 20P-Shon Pointer[8]; 7. 33-Cruz Dickerson[13]; 8. 1G-Garett Hake[10]; 9. 4G-Landon Gasseling[1]; 10. 14-Kyle Kugel[12]; 11. 5A-Ava Gropp[4]; 12. 24C-Cale Lagroon[7]; 13. 19X-Marcus Kennedy[14]; 14. 70B-Micah Becker[19]; 15. 97-Donnie Burrows[16]; 16. 4C-Cole McDaniel[23]; 17. 4J-Kruz Jelinek[15]; 18. 55B-Dalton Buckland[18]; 19. 38-Bo Ready[22]; 20. 19C-Alan LeDuc[20]; 21. 15K-Kaden Dady[11]; 22. 13C-Chris Counter[21]; 23. 8-Cody Berkenmeier[17]; 24. 6-Will Brinton[24]

B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 33-Cruz Dickerson[3]; 2. 19X-Marcus Kennedy[6]; 3. 4J-Kruz Jelinek[4]; 4. 97-Donnie Burrows[8]; 5. 8-Cody Berkenmeier[2]; 6. 55B-Dalton Buckland[7]; 7. 70B-Micah Becker[9]; 8. 19C-Alan LeDuc[10]; 9. 13C-Chris Counter[5]; 10. 38-Bo Ready[14]; 11. 4C-Cole McDaniel[1]; 12. 6-Will Brinton[11]; 13. 02R-Kaitlyn Russell[13]; 14. C7-Casey Brown[15]; 15. 02S-Nathan Wilt[17]; 16. 53-Dan Canady[12]; 17. E53-Evan Cundell[16]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 5-Dylan Steinkruger[3]; 2. 7J-Jacob Latta[4]; 3. 2F-Jadyn Friesen[8]; 4. 5G-Landon Graham[9]; 5. 8-Cody Berkenmeier[6]; 6. 19X-Marcus Kennedy[5]; 7. 4J-Kruz Jelinek[10]; 8. 38-Bo Ready[2]; 9. C7-Casey Brown[7]; 10. E53-Evan Cundell[1]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 5A-Ava Gropp[4]; 2. 24C-Cale Lagroon[3]; 3. 14-Kyle Kugel[2]; 4. 4C-Cole McDaniel[5]; 5. 1G-Garett Hake[9]; 6. 13C-Chris Counter[7]; 7. 70B-Micah Becker[6]; 8. 55B-Dalton Buckland[10]; 9. 02R-Kaitlyn Russell[8]; 10. 02S-Nathan Wilt[1]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 4G-Landon Gasseling[2]; 2. 15K-Kaden Dady[1]; 3. 20P-Shon Pointer[5]; 4. 35W-Caleb Woodard[7]; 5. 33-Cruz Dickerson[6]; 6. 97-Donnie Burrows[3]; 7. 19C-Alan LeDuc[4]; 8. 6-Will Brinton[8]; 9. 53-Dan Canady[9]

23 entries

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 24C-Cale Lagroon[2]; 2. 2F-Jadyn Friesen[5]; 3. 33-Cruz Dickerson[3]; 4. 14K-Kamden Gossard[4]; 5. 14-Kruz Jelinek[12]; 6. 13C-Chris Counter[9]; 7. 11D-Dominic White[1]; 8. 18-Tityn Roberts[7]; 9. 5G-Landon Graham[13]; 10. 97-Donnie Burrows[6]; 11. 70-Micah Becker[15]; 12. 63-Todd Odle[17]; 13. 1X-Reid Shipman[8]; 14. 45-Skyler Burns[16]; 15. 45C-Collin Rutten[19]; 16. 15D-Kyler Dice[20]; 17. 99K-Jacob Koop[18]; 18. 14C-Cole Rutten[21]; 19. 22-Remmi Butolph[10]; 20. 16D-Cael Dice[14]; 21. 59-Evan Semerad[11]; 22. 52-Gavyn Bolt[22]; 23. 98-Matthew Laflin[23]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 2F-Jadyn Friesen[1]; 2. 18-Tityn Roberts[3]; 3. 11D-Dominic White[6]; 4. 5G-Landon Graham[2]; 5. 70-Micah Becker[4]; 6. 63-Todd Odle[5]; 7. 45C-Collin Rutten[7]; 8. 15D-Kyler Dice[8]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 33-Cruz Dickerson[3]; 2. 24C-Cale Lagroon[4]; 3. 59-Evan Semerad[1]; 4. 22-Remmi Butolph[5]; 5. 14-Kruz Jelinek[6]; 6. 16D-Cael Dice[8]; 7. 14C-Cole Rutten[2]; 8. 98-Matthew Laflin[7]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 97-Donnie Burrows[1]; 2. 14K-Kamden Gossard[6]; 3. 1X-Reid Shipman[5]; 4. 13C-Chris Counter[7]; 5. 45-Skyler Burns[3]; 6. 99K-Jacob Koop[4]; 7. 52-Gavyn Bolt[2]

16 entries

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 75-Gavyn Bolt[1]; 2. 18-Tityn Roberts[4]; 3. 18T-Taelynne Roberts[3]; 4. 11A-Jadi Andrasek[6]; 5. 18K-Keegan Gasseling[5]; 6. 31Z-Sawyer Zimmerman[10]; 7. 39-Taver West[7]; 8. 29A-Colton Andrasek[13]; 9. 17H-Carson Holt[8]; 10. 12-Paisley West[9]; 11. 27-Luke Samuelson[14]; 12. 35L-Tytus Loos[11]; 13. 4-Truxton Trauernicht[12]; 14. 3J-Josie Imm[16]; 15. 11R-Raelyn White[15]; 16. 30-Kyler Bearce[2]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 18-Tityn Roberts[5]; 2. 18T-Taelynne Roberts[7]; 3. 11A-Jadi Andrasek[3]; 4. 39-Taver West[4]; 5. 12-Paisley West[6]; 6. 35L-Tytus Loos[8]; 7. 11R-Raelyn White[1]; 8. 3J-Josie Imm[2]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 75-Gavyn Bolt[2]; 2. 18K-Keegan Gasseling[1]; 3. 30-Kyler Bearce[7]; 4. 17H-Carson Holt[3]; 5. 31Z-Sawyer Zimmerman[6]; 6. 4-Truxton Trauernicht[4]; 7. 29A-Colton Andrasek[5]; 8. 27-Luke Samuelson[8]


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