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Second Week

The last A Feature was for the Budweiser IMCA Racesaver Sprints. Clint Benson led lap #1 in his #100 with Frank Sheridan’s 9, the 1B of Brandon Horton and Dan Satriano’s 95 rounding out the top 4. Thornton and Satriano both advanced past Sheridan on lap 2 as Mike Boston moved the 51 into fourth. Boston jumped to second on lap 3. The next time around Lacey Tuttle got the #50 into fourth. The first caution of the race came on lap 5 when Chase Weiler suffered a flat right rear tire on the 21W and stopped at the top of turn 4. Boston snagged the lead on the restart with Tuttle moving to third the next lap. 2 more circuits were in the books when Gregg Bolte put his 00 in the fourth spot. It took 3 more laps for Bolte to snag the third spot putting Satriano in fourth with 7 to go. The final slowing in the action came with 2 to go when Terry Richards got the #18 sideways but recovered. The inadvertent yellow was disregarded and Richards put back into the spot he had held. Satriano made the last position change in the top 4 when he overtook Bolte for third on the final lap.

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