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I44 Speedway under New Ownership

I44 Speedway under New Ownership

Hello, Fans, Racers, and Staff of I44 Riverside Speedway,

Since the inception of the racetrack in 1998, when Mark Banister and Clyde Steen built I44 Speedway, the first season was in April 1999. I44 Speedway has had a great history of racing marking 2024 as its 25th season.

When the property was for sale, Mark exercised his first right of refusal, purchased the property, and brought in a partner. As of last night July 8th, 2024, Mark has sold I44 Riverside Speedway to his partner. The new owners are going to continue operating I44 Speedway, and at this time Mark and I would like to acknowledge our gratitude and appreciation to all the Fans, Racers, and Staff throughout the years.

Mark and Gloria Banister

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