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Ron Aurand Racing Special Guest Driver for Clinton County

Ron Aurand Racing Special Guest Driver for Clinton County

With the 2024 racing season in full swing, some exciting news has come out of the Ron Aurand Racing camp recently. With the 2024 racing season being the final season for Ron Aurand Racing the team had some interesting news this past week to release to everyone regarding their plans to participate at the Clinton County Speedway 410 Sprint car event on July 19th at the Mackeyville, Pennsylvania fairgrounds. The team will have a special guest driver behind the wheel of the RAR #86 for the race…none other than multi time feature winner and track champion veteran sprint car driver Daryl Stimeling. When it came to Clinton County during the 90’s and through the 2000’s when 410 Sprint Cars were the weekly premier division you would always find the Daryl Stimeling #30 sprint car at the front of the field and in victory lane. Some of the car owners that Daryl Stimeling has driven for have been his family owned Stimeling #30 as well as Lucas Mining #98, Jeff Bingaman #72, Chiapelli #98, Mark Whitebread #30, Bolger #18, Harry Earnest #35, John Fraker #12, Dave Gus #72, Greenland Motorsports #32a and now the Ron Aurand Racing #86.

After having a brief conversation with RAR car owner and Driver Ron Aurand recently, I asked him how this deal came about:

“I have known Daryl my whole life as my dad used to work on his race cars when I was a young kid, so I pretty much grew up at his race shop and going to watch him race and Daryl has always been there to give us a hand with advice or at the shop/racetrack. RAR has always run his awesome ProCart Bumpers/Nerf Bars as well.”

“After last season coming to an unexpected early end for me when I injured my back, I didn’t want to end my racing career that way. We spent the entire offseason trying to gather enough parts and support to be able to field a car for one last part time season and enjoy making some memories. We started trying to piece together a schedule that worked for our budget and equipment and when we got to the Clinton County Speedway 410 show we talked about all the great times my dad had working on Daryl’s car years ago and how great Daryl got around Clinton County. My dad looked at me and said it would be cool to see Daryl run around there in a 410 again, I agreed and told my dad to call Daryl and see what his thoughts were on running our car at Clinton County. My dad called and talked with Daryl, and he seemed excited and agreed to drive our car. I think it will be cool to see Daryl back in a 410 again at Clinton County and I am excited to hear his feedback on our equipment and ways we can improve our racing program. It kind of makes you smile when you think about it, I grew up as a kid at Daryl’s race shop and now Daryl is at our shop driving my car with my kids running around the shop watching us”

Currently the plan is to run the July 19th Clinton County Speedway 410 race and then the following week Ron will be back in the car heading to Western Pennsylvania to compete as the teams work schedule will allow.

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