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Wilson, Passmore, Brewer, Wolfe and Denton take home victories at Creek County

Wilson, Passmore, Brewer, Wolfe and Denton take home victories at Creek County

Terry Mattox – SAPULPA, Okla. (June 2nd, 2013) – Mother Nature was finally on our side tonight as she let us get in tonight’s “Weekly Racing Series” program.

Bobby Wolfe parked his car in victory lane again tonight. 6 cars checked into the CCS pit area to do battle on the tight quarter mile. Wolfe swept the night picking up the heat race, qualifier and A feature events. Starting on the outside pole of the 4 car Factory Stock feature event, Wolfe jumped out to the race lead. Josh Jefferies came from the fourth spot to the second position. Jimmy Owens rounded out the podium and finishing order in the 15 lap affair. Tommy Romine, Toby Cooper, and Justin Melton would unfortunately not start the main event.

Factory Stock A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 5W-Bobby Wolfe; 2. 6P-Josh Jeffries; 3. 1-Jimmy Owen; DNF 57-Tommy Romine; DNS 03-Toby Cooper; DNS 4BJR-Justin Melton

A change in the running order this week put the Champ Sprints up second. Rose Okla. resident Jamie Passmore came out on top of the 20 lap Champ Sprint division feature event. Jackie York, Mickey Walker, and Kacee Frazier picked up heat race wins. 19 cars started the 20 lap affair. Christian York and Mickey Walker earned the front row of the main. Walker jumped out to the race lead, but Jackie York would pass for the lead on lap 2. York would lead 16 laps until Jamie Passmore would get around and take the top spot. Walker got around York to take the second spot. Jackie York rounded out the podium. Glen Passmore and Kacee Frazier rounded out the top 5.

Champ Sprint A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 4J-Jamie Passmore; 2. 2-Mickey Walker; 3. 51-Jackie York; 4. 69-Glen Passmore Jr; 5. 00-Kacee Frazier; 6. 87X-Brian McClelland; 7. 7M-Chance Morton; 8. 17-Brent Bates; 9. 5$-Danny Smith; 10. 7F-Josh Tyre; 11. 11-Ricky York; 12. 11T-Michael Tyre; 13. 8M-Kade Morton; 14. 22-David Stephenson; 15. 89-Christian York; 16. 13W-Grant Wresche; 17. 16-Robby Sherrell; 18. 18B-Eric Barnes; DNF 13-Len Larkin

Daniel Ray Denton picked up his third feature event win in the Mini Stock division. Michael Stucks picked up the heat race win. Daniel Ray Denton picked up the qualifier win. 10 cars signed into the pit area in the Mini division, but only 8 would take the green flag. Dee Denton would jump out to the race lead, but would only lead for a few laps until his cousin Daniel Ray Denton took the lead on lap 3. As the laps increased the cars decreased. By the half-way point only four cars would remain for the finish of the feature event. Daniel Ray Denton, Danny Ray, Dearl Harrison and the man that rolled his Front Wheel Drive car and came back out to finish the night rounding out the finishing order Michael Rodman.

Mini Stock A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 44-Daniel Ray Denton; 2. 01-Danny Ray; 3. 12-Dearl Harrison; 4. 754-Michael Rodman; DNF 8-Travis Knox; DNF 4-Dee Denton; DNF 73-Dale Wick; DNF 62-Anthony Peterson; DNF 5S-Michael Stucks; DNS 513-Jerry Colby

On to the down and dirty Dwarf Car division were Kevin Brewer would once again find himself in victory lane. Tanner Phillips would bring home the heat race win, and Larry Pense would bring home the qualifier win in the Dwarf Car divisions. Kevin Brewer taking advantage of the pole position starting spot would go out and lead wire to wire in the 20 lap feature. Larry Pense came home in the second spot. Rob McQuary last week’s feature winner would come home in third. Jeff Record and David Cummins rounded out the top 5.

Dwarf Car A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 10-Kevin Brewer; 2. 79-Larry Pense; 3. 17-Rob McQuary; 4. 67-Jeff Record; 5. 2-David Cummins; 6. 23-Doug Risenhoover; DNF 57-Tanner Phillips; DNF 76-Keith Hurst; DNS 13-Rick Quinn

The night would end in the mighty Modified division were Mrs. Dena Wilson parked in again this season in victory lane after out dueling her hard charging son Brett “The Jet” Wilson. Dena also picked up the nights Modified heat race, with Ho Dean taking the qualifier victory. 6 cars signed into the Creek County Speedway, but only 5 would take a competition green flag. Matt McBride jumped out to the early race lead in the 15 lap Modified feature and would make it until the half way mark when Dena would pass for the lead. Not far behind her, son Brett would be charging to give mom and run for her money. However Brett ran out of time and could get a run on her. Brett would settle for second, Ho Dean in third and Shawn Rowell would round out the finishing order.

Modified A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 54-Dena Wilson; 2. 53-Brett Wilson; 3. 39-Ho Dean; DNF 53B-Shawn Rowell; DNF 11M-Mathew McBride; DNF 22X-Gary Frey
Be sure to join us next Saturday night June 8th for more Weekly Racing Series action at “The Creek”.

Creek County Speedway is a fast quarter mile oval located outside Sapulpa, Oklahoma on historic Route 66. CCS has been bringing high octane excitement to race fans since 1986.

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Photo Credit: Marcia York Sanderson

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