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New website for Cobb Racing of Heflin, AL!

New website for Cobb Racing of Heflin, AL!

Cobb Racing is proud to announce the release of their all-new website,, produced by Driver The website is the sign of a new start to the Alabama-based race team, as they are moving up the ranks from the 600cc Micro Sprint to a 305 Winged Sprint Car. Cobb Racing will be traveling with the Sprint Series of Texas throughout the 2014 season, and will have all the updates on the website as the season gets closer and unfolds. Be sure to bookmark the site and download the Mobile Web App so you can keep the latest tabs on driver Pete Cobb and the #27 Winged 305 Sprint Car.

Special thanks to Driver for the new website, and a very special thanks to all the Cobb Racing supporters: Bec Waynes Foodland, Cor-Tex Steel, Hi-Tech Testing, and QP Energy Services.

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