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Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules

Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules

The Modified class at Grays Harbor Raceway and Skagit Speedway will continue with the same rules package that was established for the 2013 season. The phase in period is still in affect and will be followed as it was intended.

"I believe it is in the best interest of the racers to not see another rules change after one year." Stated GHR promoter Steve Beitler, "I am working on a program to keep the cost of racing down. I don't want to see added expenses that would prevent new teams from joining us and cause the current teams to go broke. It is important that we adopt a set of rules that will keep as many cars on the track as possible. The current set of rules and the phase in program will help accomplish that goal".

Grays Harbor Raceway and Skagit Speedway modifieds are not currently sanctioned by any organization. Both tracks will follow the same rules package that is used by the IMCA organization.

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