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Brian Brown – Third at the Creek!

Brian Brown – Third at the Creek!

Brian Brown – Third at the Creek!

(Bill W)– Brian Brown spent last week with the Lucas Oil ASCS National series and two legs of their Speedweek. The Grain Valley, Missouri driver ran to a third place finish at the Creek County Speedway near Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and finished twelfth at the State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City, while suffering rainouts at both the Devil’s Bowl and Knoxville.

Brian made his first appearance at the Creek County bullring on Tuesday night. “Creek County is one of the smallest tracks I’ve seen,” he says.
“It was tough to get around. The corners were totally different on both ends. ASCS is as tough as it gets with the draw and everything.”

Brian started sixth and ran fourth in a heat that included defending ASCS champion, Jason Johnson, Tony Bruce Jr., Gary Taylor, Sean McClelland, Brady Bacon, Matt Covington and Colt Treharn. “We drew probably the toughest heat of the night,” he says. “We started sixth, and I got up to pass Gary Taylor for second. I got sideways and almost spun it, and that let Tony Bruce Jr. back by us, and put us in fourth.”

The heat finish locked Brian into the twelfth starting position for the 30-lap main event. “We actually were able to move up for the start, because we stayed out of some messes the guys were having there in front of us,” he says. “We were pretty decent there in the feature. We got up to fourth, and (Tim) Crawley (the leader) cut a right rear. We were probably a fourth place car before that happened.”

Brian battled for the runner-up spot before settling into the show position. “If we could have cleared Seth Bergman, I really thought we had a shot at (winner) Zach (Chappell),” he says. “The car was centering really well the last several laps. I could get beside Bergman, but I could never clear him.”

All in all, the Brian Brown Racing SuperClean #21 team was pleased with the podium finish. “For me not caring for little tracks like that, especially when they are heavy, I was pretty excited about how things turned out,” says Brian. “I think we’re headed in the right direction.”

With Devil’s Bowl a wash on Thursday, Brian and the team were ready for the 3/8 mile oval in Oklahoma City on Friday. “Two weeks prior to us coming in, they said the track took rubber,” he says. “They weren’t going to let that happen again, so they put plenty of water on it. We started sixth in the heat, and got up beside Don Young for third. We couldn’t quite get him cleared, so we finished fourth. That spot was huge. I probably could have put a slider on him, but we raced him as clean as we could. That was the difference between making the redraw and starting fifteenth.”

With the track still plenty heavy, Brian advanced no further than twelfth from his starting spot inside row eight. “It was probably the best twelfth I’ve run in my life,” he explains. “I don’t know what we could have done different. It was pretty much wide open around the bottom. I went high one time to make a pass and lost a spot to Crawley.
If you’re running with Crawley in front of you, and Jack Dover behind you, you know you’re in the game.”

A long drive back to Knoxville Raceway was all for naught, as halfway there, Brian was informed of the rainout. They will try it again this Saturday.


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Brian's Q&A

Joe Dean from Tulsa, OK asks: What other track did Creek County Speedway remind you of?

Brian answers: It’s unlike anything we’ve run to be honest. We put as much gear in it as we could. The only place that’s even close to that range is Little Rock when it slicks off. It would probably compare more to some Australian tracks. They are pretty flat, small and juiced up (heavy). If I want to be a better racecar driver, I need to get better at tracks like Creek County.

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Brown's Bits

Brian’s first career win came at Thunderhill Raceway in Mayetta, Kansas on September 11, 1999. Scott “Breezy” Whitworth, Bob Weuve, Jaymie Moyle and Vince Williams rounded out the top five. With his win at Knoxville on June 6, Brian has amassed 78 careers victories.


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