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Brian Brown – Two in a Row at Sprint Car Capital!

Brian Brown – Two in a Row at Sprint Car Capital!

(Bill W) June 22, 2009 – 2007 Knoxville Raceway track champion Brian Brown made it two in a row at the “Sprint Car Capital of the World” with another win there last Saturday night. Brian will need to be on his game again this week, and the victory gives him some momentum heading into a weekend when the World of Outlaws come calling.

With several drivers talking about not giving it their all in qualifying, Brian did the opposite in preparation for the WoO and the races ahead in August. He was rewarded with quick time. “With the big shows coming up, you can’t be sandbagging right now,” he says. “We gave it all we had. We had brand new horsepower from Ostrich and Lee Nelson.
Obviously, he knows what he’s doing qualifying-wise. With guys like Bronson Maeschen and Chris Walraven using his motors over the years, you see the motor shine in qualifying.”

The heat went without incident, as the Grain Valley, Missouri driver finished fourth. “We had three or four thumpers in there with me,” he says. “The track may have been a little slicker in the heat than it was all night, and I didn’t want to wear out the right rear tire. We’ve done that once or twice this year.”

With an invert of six for the feature, Brian drove from outside row three to a fast start in the 25-lap event. “We were able to get to third on the first lap, and from there on out, and after we got by Lynton (Jeffrey), it was a matter of racing with (Don) Droud (Jr.),” he says. “He set a really good pace, but I felt we were in good shape.”

Brian moved around Droud for the lead as the two battled for several laps. A lap seven caution slowed things. “Once we got the lead, we had a caution, and that causes you to think too much sometimes,” he explains. “I chose the same line I had been running, and Droud got back by us. Fortunately, we were able to get back by. The next restart I entered low and coasted across turn two, and took his low line away.”

Droud’s lead had lasted another three laps, but Brian pulled away for his 14th career 410 victory at Knoxville worth $3,500. “We have some great partners, and without any of them, it couldn’t be possible,” says Brian thankfully. “The guys who work on the car have been working so hard through some tough times too. I have to take my hat off to them!
We’ll do what we can to keep the ball rolling.”

Friday night did not go as smoothly. Brian did win his heat at the US36 Raceway near Osborn, Missouri in ASCS-Midwest/WOW action. “It was sticky and rough, and the last few years, that’s been par for the course at US36,” he says. “Most know that that is not my style. We were able to get the jump on Chad there in the heat a little bit.”

Brian drew the pole for the start and led the first twelve laps.
“Obviously, the redraw went well,” he says. “The holes got a little bigger out there and we started the feature out front. It was a deal where you had to get on the bull, hang on, and shut your eyes.”

Jesse Hockett slung his sprinter around the roughest part of the track and came out the other side with the win. Brian would end fourth. “We had a clod get under the throttle pedal about lap ten,” he says. “We were able to get it out after the red, but by then, Hockett was gone.
He is very good on that type of track and was really in a league of his own.”


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Brian's Q&A

Pat Herring asks: Do you freshen your 410 motors more often than your 360 motors, and why?

Brian answers: We got 10 to 12 nights with a 410 at a track the size of Knoxville, and 16 to 20 nights with a 360. The 410 just turns so many rpm’s at Knoxville, and that aluminum block wears out a little quicker.
If you were running a small track, you could go 25 nights with your 410, but at Knoxville you can’t. If everyone went 20 races, that would be good too, but since everyone is freshening their stuff, you need to as well.

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Brown's Bits

Brian has finished in the top five with the World of Outlaws in his last two out of three feature events. He finished fourth at Knoxville with the WoO in April and fifth at the Clay County Fair Speedway in Spencer, Iowa last September. He has finished in the top ten in three of his last four features with the WoO and finished in the top thirteen the last five of six.


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Photo -
Brian in Victory Lane at Knoxville (Dave Hill Racing Images)

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