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USAC Welcomes Tucson

USAC Welcomes Tucson

USAC Gains Another Club in their Family

(Indianapolis) - The Tucson, AZ Club members voted last evening and become the latest group to join the USAC .25 Family.

"I'm really excited to open a new chapter in our history," said President Darien O'Brien. "I think this is a good thing for our club. "Great adding another club out west for us," said Jon Randall, President Austin, Texas. Bob Putnam, President of Orange Show said "We are super excited! We hope to run a series with them this season. "

The Tucson Club was built in 2001 by Founders Herb Kai and Bob Knill and their families. It's built right on I-10 so access is good. Parking is massive. Racers pulling up to the facility will enjoy beautiful desert landscapes and unbelievable sun sets.

Opening day for the 2014 season is September 13 - 911 Memorial event.
"Our club hosts this race in memory of that fateful day but also in appreciation for our country's freedom. All USAC drivers and families are invited," said O'Brien.

For more information contact (317) 247-5151 or Darien O'Brien Club President.


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