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McKennedy Dashes To ISMA Victory; Kuntz Leading Winner of 2017 at Jennerstown

(Jennerstown, PA) The world’s fastest oval track machines, the International SuperModified Association (ISMA), visited Jennerstown Speedway Complex on July 15, to compete in the “Farmers Union Co-op 50 Powered By Milk.” Massachusetts driver John McKennedy earned his eighth career win on the tour – his first at Jennerstown – and drank the ceremonial chocolate milk in victory lane. In the Martella’s Pharmacies Late Model division of racing, Jeremiah Kuntz won his division-leading third race of 2017, breaking a three-way tie of drivers with two victories. In other action Chris Brink (Stoystown Auto Wreckers Modifieds), Josh Coughenour (J&J Truck Equipment Street Stocks), and Steve Long (Farmers Union Co-Op Chargers) were all repeat winners. Brent Bickerstaff was awarded his first win, after a disqualification in the Somerset Trust Company Fast ‘n Furious 4-Cylinders.

At the start of the 30 lap feature for Martella’s Pharmacies Late Models, Rick Boyer grabbed the lead from young Teddy Gibala. Both drivers are former Champions in other divisions. While Boyer led, Gibala lost the second position to Barry Awtey on lap four. Awtey, the defending Champ, became the leader, passing Boyer on lap six. By lap seven, car number seven, driven by Jeremiah Kuntz, had advanced from the seventh starting spot to second place. A memorable duel between Awtey and Kuntz, who are both two time winners in 2017, thrilled the fans for many laps. Matt Sever, another former Champ, started tenth and joined the lead duo, adding even more excitement, during a three car fight for first place. On the 18th circuit, Kuntz secured the lead, and one lap later, Matt Sever took sole possession of second spot. Kuntz kept Sever from mounting a serious challenge for the lead, and when the checkered flag was displayed, Kuntz, of Mahaffey, PA, earned his division leading third victory of the season. Sever, also a winner this year, crossed the finish line second, but was disqualified for failing to meet the specified weight requirements. Awtey was credited with second place, officially – which is the same order that pair maintain in the championship point standings; Kuntz first, and Awtey second. Popular veteran Bobby Henry won his heat race, and finished third in the feature. His teammate, Garry Wiltrout, was the winner one week prior, and Wiltrout also won a heat race, then placed fourth in the feature. Bryan Shipp, a winner early in the season, placed fifth. Kuntz, the driver of the Kuntz Motors/Brackman Chevrolet-Buick/ Dodge Charger, is maintaining a ten point advantage, seeking his first Jennerstown Championship in the division.

In the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Modified division, Brad Milburn led the first two laps after starting on the front row. By lap three, the driver who started in position three, roared past Milburn to take the top spot: Chris Brink. Brink, the division’s leading winner, drove unchallenged to his fifth win of 2017, making him the leading winner among all divisions this year. Also a winner in 2017, Tom Golik finished second, while defending Champ Zane Ferrell started eighth and placed third. Milburn and Dustin Gursky completed the top five. Brink and Ferrell won the heats.

Steve Singo took the lead after starting second, when the green flag waved to start the 20 lap J&J Truck Equipment Street Stock feature. But, on lap two, the veteran spun in front of the field, damaging three other cars, and ending his night. Former Champion Anthony Aiello grabbed the lead at the restart, but he remained at the head of the pack for only one lap. Josh Coughenour, who started ninth, was able to take the lead on lap three, with many of the cars that started in front of him, eliminated. Coughenour drove to his third win of 2017, and remains point leader for the division. Lauren Butler had another late race surge, after making a pit stop to repair light damage from the lap two collision. She took second place from Aiello, to continue her streak of runner-up feature finishes, after earning a heat race win. Aiello placed third, with 2017 winner Aaron Van Fleet in fourth place, and rookie Angie Kimberly finishing in fifth position.

With three separate, daring moves on lap one, former Champion Steve Long advanced from the fourth starting spot into the lead of the 15 lap Farmers Union Co-op Charger feature. He never relinquished the lead, and outran a fast-closing Jason Pritts, to secure his third win of 2017. Behind Long and heat race winner Pritts at the finish line, were Frank Novak, 2017 winner Tanner Friedline, and previous week’s winner Dale Kimberly.

Andrew Pluta took the lead from good friend Brent Bickerstaff on lap eight, of the 15 lap Somerset Trust Company Fast ‘n Furious 4-Cylinders feature. Pluta crossed the finish line first, but was later disqualified for failure to have a compliant muffler installed on his car. Bickerstaff was awarded the official victory, as his first win of 2017. Bently Miller won his heat race and officially placed second in the feature, with two-time winner Evan Nibert finishing third. Another 2017 winner, Cindy Rhodes won her heat and placed fourth, ahead of the always consistent Brian Noel, who finished fifth.

July 15 Jennerstown Speedway Results:
ISMA Supermodifieds

  1. John McKennedy
  2. Tim Jedrejzak
    2, Danny Bowes
    Martella’s Pharmacies Late Models
    Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
    1 7 Jeremiah Kuntz Mahaffey, PA #7
    2 8 Barry Awtey Jenners, PA #75
    3 5 Bobby Henry Connellsville, PA #11
    4 9 Garry Wiltrout Somerset, PA #95
    5 6 Bryan Shipp Scottdale, PA #40
    6 1 Rick Boyer Blairsville, PA #5
    8 10 Mike Hemminger Stoystown, PA #72
    9 3 Todd Price Bedford, PA #66
    10 2 Teddy Gibala Coulter, PA #2
    Stoystown Auto Wreckers Modifieds
    Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
    1 3 Chris Brink Penn Run, PA #7
    2 5 Tom Golik West Newton, PA #98
    3 8 Zane Ferrell Ruffs Dale, PA #14
    4 2 Brad Milburn Schellsburg, PA #95
    5 4 Dustin Gursky Ridgeley, WV #29
    6 7 Patrick Waugh New Florence, PA #21
    7 6 Jarred Barclay Somerset, PA #92
    8 11 Jason Busch Pittsburgh, PA #42
    9 9 Gregory Kelley Connellsville, PA #8
    10 1 Mike Carlson New Stanton, PA #90
    11 10 Matt Welch Mt. Pleasant, PA #88
    12 12 Jim Bodziak Hollsopple, PA #2
    J&J Truck Equipment Street Stocks
    Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
    1 9 Josh Coughenour Gray, PA #20
    2 7 Lauren Butler West Mifflin, PA #53
    3 5 Anthony Aiello White Oak, PA #31
    4 6 Aaron VanFleet Scottdale, PA #95
    5 1 Angie Kimberly Sutersville, PA #69
    6 4 Jason Holder Stoystown, PA #74
    7 8 Rick Meehleib Stoystown, PA #37
    8 2 Steven Singo Hooversville, PA #7
    9 3 Mel Wilt Hollidaysburg, PA #33
    Somerset Trust Company Fast ‘n Furious 4-Cylinders
    Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
    1 5 Brent Bickerstaff Herminie, PA #53
    2 4 Bently Miller Connelsville, PA #45
    3 8 Evan Nibert Somerset, PA #7
    4 6 Cindy Rhodes Somerset, PA #83
    5 7 Brian Noel Mt pleasant, PA #39
    6 15 RJ Dallape Johnstown, PA #95
    7 2 Aaron Karasack Hutchinson, PA #49
    8 10 Eugene Zerfoss Acosta, PA #23
    9 3 Jason Fulton Normalville, PA #78
    10 Matthew Ruffing Johnstown, PA #47
    12 14 Chris Ament Latrobe, PA #2
    13 11 Kristin Lakin Monessen, PA #30
    14 1 Larry Dunmyer Elton, PA #1
    15 13 Casey Fleegle Friedens, PA #13
    Farmers Union Co-Op Chargers
    Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
    1 4 Steve Long Rockwood, PA #27
    2 5 Jason Pritts boswell, PA #52
    3 7 Frank Novak Normalville, PA #44
    4 2 Tanner Friedline Hooversville, PA #7
    5 8 Dale Kimberly Sutersville, PA #22
    6 1 Justin Frampton boswell, PA #66
    7 6 Cody Gaynor Greensburg, PA #61
    8 3 Joe Ruskey boswell, PA #O3


JENNERSTOWN ISMA 50 – July 15, 2017


Feature: 1. Jon McKennedy (21), 2. Timmy Jedezejek (97), 3. Dan Bowes (25), 4. Mike Lichty (84), 5. Ben Seitz (37), 6. Mike McVetta (22), 7. Chris Perley (11), 8. Trent Stephens (19), 9. Kyle Edwards (1), 10. Mark Sammut (78), 11. Alison Cumens (39), 12. Dave McKnight (70), 13. Dave Danzer (52), 14. Jim Paller (64), 15. Larry Lehnert (92), 16. Moe Lilje (74), 17. Talon Stephens (49), 18. Rick Reid (55), 19. Matt Marlow

Heat 1: 1. Kyle Edwards (1), 2. Mike Lichty (84), 3. Rich Reid (55),4. Jon McKennedy (21), 5. Dave McKnight (70), 6. Mark Sammut (78), 7. Larry Lehnert (92)

Heat 2: 1. Moe Lilje (74), 2. Chris Perley (11), 3. Timmy Jedrzejek (97), 4. Jim Paller (64), 5. Trent Stephens (19), 6. Talon Stephens (49)

Heat 3: 1. Mike McVetta (22), 2. Dan Bowes (25), 3. Alison Cumens (39),4. Ben Seitz (37), 5. Dave Danzer (52), 6. Matt Marlow (95)

61 Mike Ordway Jr. blown motor in practice

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