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Its Time

Its Time

How do you start to write a piece like this, how do you try to share the times and joy the sport of speedway has bought to our family, friends and our racing to Fans around this Country and Overseas.

For some years now racing has become a choir instead of something to look forward to, and with different projects in life now and two little grand babies to spend time with, going to the track, the prep, the managing engines and parts and sometimes the promotors whom seem to never learn and continue to do things backwards, well it gets to a stage when enough is enough.

The family and I have done a lot and met a lot of people and made some amazing friends in our Country Australia and indeed USA from California to Arkansas, to Texas across to Missouri to North Carolina, up to Minnesota down to Utah and Iowa.

We have imported some Amazing Drivers to help the sport and ourselves to develop our team, We exported a few quickly also !.

We have had some drivers over time that have become close personal family friends, that would be you Jason and Travis, aside from racing have come to our country and visited again which without racing these friendships would not have happened. We also have an open-ended invitation to their House as we say here, which is so amazing.

From 600 sprints to 410 Sprints we have won and lost, most importantly we are able to carry on today and help our kids do what they love Speedway Racing.

We have recently witnessed some tragedy’s in the racing and as a good friend says some of the tracks, we race at just don’t have the safety standards and medical support that they should, why do we go there? This is so true.

I want to thank the following people in no certain order, the names just came from my head as i was writing this piece today for past and some continued support to my racing times and no doubt the future for Lachlan and Kyle whom will continue to race under the Banner of SCR9.

Dee-Ann, Kyle, Teagan, Emily, Lachlan Caunt, Max Dumesny, Sean Carren, Matt and Rob and Jan Brown, Gavin White, Michelle and Phil Jordison, Geoff Murphy, Anthony Gittos, Craig Vosbergen and his Late Dad Bert, Gary Coleman, Mark Cooper, Steven Green, David Lander, Phil Bramley, David Mills, Chas Kelly, Kristian and Owen Kelly, Jack Perkins, Jeff Gordon, Mark Stallard, Jason and Robyn Meyers, Travis and Bridget Senter, Travis Senter SNR, Ralph and Terri Wren, Sam and Amy Swindell, Brooke and Amy Tatnell, Kasey Kahne, Todd Devnich, Steve Hicks, Gary Laneyrie, Ken Willshire (late) and Mark Hagopian (late) and Shane Krikke (late), Chris Rodda, Neville Beveridge, Glen Mitchell, Nick and Nicole Speed, Marcus Kelly, Wade Aunger, Jake Hagopian, Andy Hibbert, Jason Priolo, Josh East, Willie Kahne, Donald Mclead, Todd Wanless, John and Kath Kelly, Paul Baines, Tom Tarlton, Stephen Bell, Mick and Lynelle Pronger, Ben Mcleod, Mitch and Lib Brown, Glen Beaton, Ken Mac, Barry Graham, Gary Rooke, Dave Lambert, Mark Richards, Wayne and Lan Baines, Ian Burrows, John Dean JNR, Murray Johnston, Marian and Graham Baxter, Steven Lines, Adam Brand, Mitch Issacs, Gary Wilmington, Geoff Proctor, Dave Mcfadden, Shane Collins, Gary Brazier and I am sure I have forgotten many.

If you want to know who is the Most inspirational person in my life out of all of these people it would have to be Jason Meyers, his professionalism, his poise, his drive, his mateship, his family values, and his being able to confide knowing he really does give a care is like so out of this world.

With Sprintcars we never achieved what I wanted to, it was tough, hard and super competitive, winning A-mains in country NSW and Thirds and Seconds in the city just didn’t cut it for me, Being B Main Champion at World Series was like I was rear of the A-Main each night. it looks easy but it's so hard and everything must be right. When u are on the road in America and see guys Like Jason Meyers win 6 in a Row on the outlaws circuit and see what it takes to do that it’s a once in a million thing all his crew were precise and tuned, the total package was polished, I doubt he could never do that ever again.

I can say a great handling Sprintcar is like a lounge chair, but it is hard to get it that way night after night.

As for 600s, I won many big races 100 plus A-Mains and achieved lots, that elusive A1, I was close three times but could never quite get the job done.

We have lost some great people in the sport, some being drivers, some friends. the most prolific for myself was Shane Krikke, I can never forget his smile and he always said hello and was dressed to the pin.

When our best mate Matty Brown Crashed and was serious for a good length of time, It was so bad for us in the east but we have Matt back now and he has never been better with his little family in Perth.

The next few events this year being the NSW Formula 500 Title at Narrabri, The Australian Title at Goulburn and the Ken Willsher Race at Laang Victoria will be my last.

From here on Lachlan will take over as the Dirt Track Racer of the Family, race 600s and 410s next year with Kyle, Hicksy and myself helping.

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey from 250 Microsprints to 600s then 410 Sprintcars.

Thank you to each person that over time wanted some merchandise, wanted a card signed or a picture. Whether it be around the USA in Micros, or around Australia we had a great following and it was a blast to see fans in our Merchandise in the stands.

It’s like sad, but when we're not at the track I am not missing it at all.

It will be great to not have the nerves of racing and sit back and relax a bit.

Thank you Sincerely

Steve Caunt
N9 (410) G9 (600)

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