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MyRacePass And Firethorn Marketing Forges Alliance To Make Motorsports Largest Web Company

MyRacePass And Firethorn Marketing Forges Alliance To Make Motorsports Largest Web Company

(January 23rd, 2020. Lincoln NE) In what can only be described as a monumental moment, the two-leading web-development companies in short track racing have come together creating an alliance to provide the largest and strongest online marketing company in motorsports.

Effective January, 2020, MyRacePass and Firethorn Marketing will provide unified streamlined services for web-development, software-development, design and support. The convergence of these two industry titans will undoubtedly assist tracks, series and sanctioning bodies and drivers to improve their online presence, generate numerous new revenue streams and having the full resources of both companies. This alliance provides the short track racing community a super-team to work with, lean on and grow with in bringing together the knowledge, experience and dedication these two entities have in growing the sport further.

“We’ve worked with Clint (Doll) of Firethorn Marketing for many years now.” mentions Josh Holt, one of the co-owners/co-founders of MyRacePass. “He always produced great websites and more importantly a great relationship with his clients. I’ve respected him in this industry tremendously for that. Working together only makes sense as we together can provide this promoters industry with everything needed to help manage much of their marketing and race management experience.”

“It was all about partnering with a team that we felt had a clear vision and an unlimited ceiling for the future. I’ve known Josh, Ross and Zach for a number or years and I’ve always admired their vision of where they want and will to take this sport through web-development, Race Management Software and the MyRacePass app,” says Clint Doll, owner of Firethorn Marketing. “Knowing and seeing firsthand the operation they run and how together we can create a better and bigger sport through technology really is what made this deal come together. I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities that not only our Firethorn clients will have but any and all motorsport entities. It’s going to be an amazing ride for everyone!”

The partnership will allow the MRP team to dedicate additional time to the development of their Race Management Software, Web Development Platform and increasingly popular MyRacePass app while the Firethorn Marketing team will head up the design, development and support of existing and new web clients.

Firethorn Marketing established in 2004 has grown into one of the leading web-development and design companies in short track racing. Through its growth the number 1 goal has always been to create personal relationships with its clients and provide not only an outstanding and easy to use product but just as important the absolute best in customer support and communication.

MyRacePass began as a company called Driver Websites in early 2008, producing nearly 1000 websites over the last 12 years. MyRacePass was formulated as a company in late 2014 and combined into Driver Websites in the fall of 2015 after the company purchased Speednet, a Florida-based Race Management company. MyRacePass is now considered the "Social Network" of motorsports and "The Ultimate Racing Resource." MyRacePass brings all racing related content together and distributes it back through the network via tagged drivers, tracks, racing series/associations, and motorsports related businesses. MyRacePass specializes in their Official MyRacePass App, Driver Website Development, Race Track Website Development, Race Series Website Development, Track and Series Race Management Systems, Print Media including Hero Cards, Event Posters/Flyers, Apparel, and just about anything else related to motorsports.


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