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MyRacePass Creates New Company, MyRacePass Digital Ads, LLC

MyRacePass Creates New Company, MyRacePass Digital Ads, LLC

MRP Digital Ads -- LINCOLN, NE (06-11-2020) | MyRacePass (MRP) is proud to announce the formation of the largest digital advertising network in motorsports with a new company, MyRacePass Digital Ads, LLC.

Following the purchase of 1Motorsport and including a partnership with the giants of the motorsports industry, MyRacePass and Firethorn Marketing, MyRacePass Digital Ads, LLC is the leader in providing the largest impression potential in all of Grassroots Motorsports. The MRP Digital Ad Network is comprised of over 500 websites, tens of thousands of MRP Driver Profiles and one of the greatest tools available to Grassroots Motorsports, the MyRacePass app.

The MyRacePass Digital Ad Network is a network that aligns hundreds of grassroots motorsports websites including tracks, sanctioning bodies, drivers and media. This network will provide every business no matter how big or small, the digital assets to reach our millions of grassroots enthusiasts. Previously, 1Motorsport had the ability to offer over 50,000,000 banner ad impressions throughout their network. Add in the power of the MyRacePass network, advertisers could see a potential of a power of 10 - a half of a Billion banner ad impressions. That’s right. 500,000,000 impressions.

1Motorsport began as an advertising network to offer track and series promoters the ability to earn revenue from ad sales. 50% of the net revenue generated from advertising sales would be distributed to the tracks and series that were signed on as a publisher of the network. That model is holding true, and is one of the key elements of MRP Digital Ads moving forward.

Towards the end of 2019, MyRacePass and Clint Doll of Firethorn Marketing formulated a partnership to which Firethorn would produce Track and Series websites for MyRacePass on the MRP platform, moving forward producing all promoter’s websites on the same platform. This partnership has proven to be a success and with the formulation of MRP Digital Ads, it will only continue to grow.

“Being able to provide another revenue stream to promoters is goal #1,” mentions MyRacePass Co-Founder, Josh Holt. “I’ve been a promoter and most times we barely have enough time to do what we need to do, let alone worry about digital advertising revenue.”

Holt adds, “Our relationship with Clint Doll has proven itself time and time again - I am very excited to see what we’ll be able to do for the industry and how we will be able to help, moving forward with our new venture of MRP Digital Ads. Having the development strength and masterminds from my two business partners with MyRacePass, Zach Calmus and Ross VanEck, it’s going to be cool to see what we can do. We have an amazing team throughout MRP and it takes a team of that caliber to do very amazing things.”

“The creation of MRP Digital Ads couldn’t be a better situation for everyone in the short track world,” mentions Clint Doll of Firethorn Marketing and 1Motorsport. “The additional impressions and targeted reach becomes more attractive to advertisers, the more advertisers participating mean more revenue that goes directly to the network publishers (tracks, series, drivers, etc..), the more revenue the publishers receive, the more they reinvest back into their events and race teams, which ultimately gets fed directly back to the advertisers. There’s this complete circle that over the last 5-years we’ve seen work exceptionally well.”

Clint Doll, partner of MRP Digital Ads, continues to add, “I’m extremely happy that this new network was able to be formed and more so excited on how it can greatly benefit the short track motorsports world. The innovation and vision that teaming with everyone at MyRacePass brings makes the MRP Digital Ad Network a tool that everyone in the industry should at the very least take a look at whether as an advertiser or publisher. There is no other single channel in motorsports that can reach the size and targeted audience that MRP Digital Ads will.”

More information will be released soon as the two giants in the industry are compiling ideas and plans for advertisers and promoters throughout the country. Visit the new website, to learn more about advertising and if you are a promoter, becoming a publisher.


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