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All-American Winter Series Ready for POWRi Quarter-Midget Racing

All-American Winter Series Ready for POWRi Quarter-Midget Racing

Belleville, IL (2/15/2021) The hills of Rancho Cordova, California will soon be thundering with the sounds of the POWRi Quarter Midgets at the American Quarter Midget Association. The AQMA Winter Series will showcase four races over two action-packed weekends with the first round kicking off February 20th and 21st at 8:30 AM for two rounds of pavement pounding action.

Due to Local and State COVID-19 regulations, there will be some adjustments made to this event to keep within local ordinances and will be for POWRi members only with drivers, handlers, alternate handlers, and immediate family allowed at the Winter series. Registration will be limited through online registration and Cash will not be accepted for this event. The snack bar will also not be open with no overnight camping permitted. Masks will also be always mandatory as part of the requirements from the State with all attendees recommended to self-screen for COVID symptoms before the weekend.

The official race fuel will be mid-grade 89 octane from the Chevron at 1890 Prairie City Road. Official rules and registration can be found at the AQMA website at The Winter Series continues March 13-14 with another two rounds of POWRi quarter midget action.

Follow along for more information such as race recaps, updates, full results, and press releases online at, or on Twitter & Instagram at @POWRi_Racing, or on Facebook at POWRi QMR. POWRi League rules, contingencies, forms, and payouts can be found under the info tab at the top of the POWRi website.


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