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Format Released for POWRi California Monza Series

Format Released for POWRi California Monza Series

Belleville, IL. (02/15/2021) The POWRi California Monza Series is back with a six-leg journey of quarter-midget racing to clinch the 2021 championship. Starting the year on the 1/20th-mile dirt-track of CQMA on April 30th. Sign-ins for the event are slotted from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM on Friday and resume bright and early Saturday at 7:30 AM. Sign-in fees will be $40.00 per car with no class or division jumping division.

Friday will be an open practice day from noon until local curfew allows, with scheduled class practice sessions beginning Saturday at 9:00 AM. Before the Saturday morning practice session, there will be a driver and handlers meeting starting at 8:30 AM. Following the meeting, drivers and handlers will start staging for their class practice sessions. Each class practice session will allow durations of five minutes with seven drivers at a time on the track to shake down their cars for the weekend event. Following the class practice sessions will be a qualifying session with the order determined by the driver pill-draw during sign-in. After the qualifying sessions are over, heat races will commence with line ups being fully inverted from qualifying results. Heat races will be 20 laps (15 for Novices) with a three-lap warm-up session beforehand.

Lower and A-main starting line-ups will be determined using the finishing points gained from qualifying and heat races results. The top five in points for the racing event will automatically start in the A-main with each set of five drivers starting at the next lower main, with the lowest main having a minimum of seven starting cars. For example, if there are 17 cars in a class, 1-5 in points will be starting in the A-main, 6-10 will start in the B-main, 11-17 will start in the C-main with the top five finishing positions transferring into the next main. In the case of there being only 11 cars in a class, all cars will make the A-main. C-Mains and below will start with a 3-lap warm-up and run 30 laps (20 for Juniors). B-Mains will include a 3-lap warm-up with 35 laps being the distance (25 for Juniors). A-Mains will also include a 3-lap warm-up session with Novices running 25 laps, Juniors running 30 laps, and a 40-lap feature for all other classes.

All lower mains will be completed on Saturday or until curfew. If B-Mains are not started by 10:00 PM for Juniors (11:00 PM for all other classes), the semi-features will be run on Sunday.

All practice, qualifying, heat races, and mains will be run in the following order:

  1. Jr. Novice
  2. Sr. Novice
  3. Jr. Animal
  4. Sr. Animal
  5. Hvy. Animal
  6. Jr. Honda
  7. Sr. Honda
  8. Hvy. Honda
  9. Stock
  10. MOD
  11. Lt. 160
  12. Hvy. 160
  13. B
  14. AA
  15. Half
  16. Lt. World Formula
  17. Hvy. World Formula

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