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Points Structure Set for 2021 POWRi California Monza Series

Points Structure Set for 2021 POWRi California Monza Series

Belleville, IL. (02/26/2021) The 2021 chase for the championships through the Golden State is set for the POWRi California Monza Series. Back in quarter-midget racing action with a six-event journey utilizing a similar points format to previous seasons.

Race day formatting will once again be utilizing awards points in qualifying, heat races, and main events for a total of 33.5 points possible at each race. Qualifying points will be awarded to the top three qualifiers in every division, with the fast-time winner awarded 3.5 points, 2nd place earning 2.5 points, and 3rd place awarded 1.5 points. Ten points will be awarded to Heat Race winners with 2nd place receiving 9 points, 3rd taking home 8 points, etc. Main event winners will receive 20 points with 2nd place receiving 18, 3rd gaining 17, etc. The first non-transfer driver will receive 9 points, with the second non-transfer driver receiving 8 points, and so on.

No points will be awarded to drivers for their respective event (qualifying, heat races, main event) if the driver is black-flagged for flagrant driving infractions, a chargeable DQ, or a Technical DQ. Any driver black flagged for a driving incident (3 charged yellows, parts, or fluid) will receive last place points. If a rainout occurs, drivers will be awarded points upon the completion of each event in their respective class (qualifying, heat race, mains completed).

Following the racing on Sunday, 1st-4th placing will be rewarded with a trophy in all divisions. All points will be posted within five business days after each leg of the California Monza Series. Any disputes or changes to awarded points to drivers must be presented within 10 days following the posting of points. No points will be changed after 10 days of the points being posted. Due to the CMS having six races, drivers will be required to attend five out of the six races.

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