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POWRi California Monza Series Season Championship Requirements

POWRi California Monza Series Season Championship Requirements

Belleville, IL. (03/22/2021) With the POWRi California Monza Series opener at CQMA on the horizon, everyone’s eyes are set on the coveted year-end awards. Drivers will navigate their way through the grueling six-race schedule this year, required to register for five of the six to be eligible for year-end awards.

Championships will be awarded to all junior, senior, and heavy classes who compete in one division throughout the Monza series. Any ties in the chase for the championship will be broken by the total number of main events points, then points from heat races, and finally by qualifying points if needed. Trophies will be given to the top five in points in all competitive divisions with a jacket being awarded to each division champion.

Novice divisions will not be competing for a championship through the California Monza Series and will not run semi-features when less than seven cars register to race. As novice competitors advance through their POWRi quarter midget career they are eligible to move up into a competitive (Honda) division. Those drivers who have participated in five of the six CMS races will be eligible to receive a participation plaque at the last leg of the California Monza Series.

Rookie of the Year awards will be given to one eligible driver within the junior, senior, and heavy divisions. To be eligible for Rookie of the Year honors, drivers must not have run a competitive class prior, must run one novice race in the Monza series, and must compete in a minimum of three out of the six CMS races in a competitive Honda division. The Rookie of the Year award will not be based on who moved up first or who has the most wins in the year, but rather based on the average points over the number of competitive races the driver participates in with the highest points average awarded the Rookie of the Year award for either the Junior, Senior, or Heavy division.

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