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Champion Oil Now Offers Full-Synth

Champion Oil Now Offers Full-Synth...

"Racing power steering fluid (PSF) is an essential part of keeping race cars at peak performance. A top tier power steering fluid like Champion's part #4370H ensures the hoses, pistons, valves, and power steering pump work optimally and not start to deteriorate," stated Karl Dedolph of Champion Oil. "Champion Full-Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid reduces temperatures and delivers consistent steering response in competition applications. It has exceptional low...more
3 Basic Types of Oiling Systems

3 Basic Types of Oiling Systems

The oiling system is one of the most important parts of an engine. Yet it is one of the most neglected and misunderstood.....Until a catastrophic failure occurs. If you are part of the latter then we are sorry for your loss and are here to help make sure it doesn't happen again. If you are ahead of the curve and addressing your oiling system before failure. Congratulations! You have made a great choice. To understand an oiling system you must first understand what the...more
Hans Safety Devices FAQs

Hans Safety Devices FAQs

While chatting with Brian Prior, the Senior Merchandise and Product Manager at Simpson/Stilo/Hans a couple of weeks ago during the SEMA MPMC Conference, we discussed how one of the final aspects of getting a race car on the track for the season is making sure both the car and driver are equipped with proper safety gear. The conversation ranged from why a proper fitting racing suit is important to the differences between single or multi-layer jackets and the Hans head...more
Race Winning Brands Acquires PAC R

Race Winning Brands Acquires PAC R...

Race Winning Brands, Inc. (“RWB”), a portfolio company of MiddleGround Capital, is pleased to announce the acquisition of PAC Racing Springs (“PAC”), a leading manufacturer of high-performance valve springs serving the automotive and powersports performance and racing aftermarket. PAC represents the ninth add-on acquisition for Race Winning Brands. PAC is headquartered and operates out of an industry-leading facility in Southfield, Michigan, just outside the...more
How to Choose a Circle Track Ignit

How to Choose a Circle Track Ignit...

From asphalt to dirt, MSD has Circle Track racing covered. If its a 4 cylinder midget or a full blown 410 sprint car we have the right ignition for you! MSD offers a full line of dependable, high-performance ignition systems that Saturday night and professional racers depend on. MSD Ignitions have won thousands of championships and are built specifically to handle the harsh conditions that circle track racing demands. MSD has worked tirelessly with racers and tech...more
High Performance Race Fans Designe

High Performance Race Fans Designe...

When we first met Ken Anderson at the CARS Show in Hickory, NC back in January of this year, we were intrigued by the simple display at his Race-Fan booth. A lot of trade show booths are about flashy graphics, big screens, and celebrity signings, but the Race-Fan display was all about the product speaking for itself. Having fought with more than a few heavy steel fans over the years I had to see what these light weight fans were about. An affable fellow, Ken was happy...more
Champion Racing SAE 20W-50 Synthet

Champion Racing SAE 20W-50 Synthet...

Racing SAE 20W-50 Synthetic Blend High Zinc Synthetic Blend Racing Oil Champion Racing Motor Oils are purpose-built products designed for severe racing applications. These products contain Champion’s proprietary TVS®(Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer), special lubricity modifiers, and a premium level of anti-wear additives which includes a high quantity of ZDDP. This robust formula is proven to meet the lubrication demands of competition engines, and create a tough film...more


Whether you’re chasing lap times, drag racing, or mixing it up in wheel-to-wheel competition, there’s no getting around the fact that you’re going to need a helmet in order to participate in organized motorsports. It can be tempting to de-prioritize safety equipment over investments that add horsepower or enhance grip, but at the end of the day, getting the right gear is not only going to make it easier to drive the car, it’s also going to help ensure that you’ll be...more
MAHLE Motorsport 2023 Application

MAHLE Motorsport 2023 Application...

Download the new 2023 Application Guide featuring PowerPak Pistons Sets, Rings, and Components designed by the North American Motorsport Division. MAHLE Motorsport North America was established in 2000 and has positioned itself as a leading supplier of forged pistons and rings in motorsport.
Greatest Safety Innovation in 20-y

Greatest Safety Innovation in 20-y...

If you thought having RACEceivers in your ear made racing safer and more efficient you need to experience the new LITEcevier in car flagging device from RACEceiver. Now you get Yellow, Red, Green, White and Checkered flags lighting up in your car. WIRELESS FLAGGING! Instant Flags - Safer Racing - Fully Encrypted Simple Rugged Roll Bar Mounted Bright Flag Status LEDs Long Range Radio Encrypted Channels Multiple Mounting Options Extended Range Repeaters Rechargeable or...more
PTS-2G Trailer Alarm w/ GPS & Cell

PTS-2G Trailer Alarm w/ GPS & Cell...

While at the Chili Bowl recently we got a chance to chat with the trailer security specialists at Trailer Alarms and learn a little bit about how their products can help protect the investment you have in your race trailer and everything in it, not to mention concession trailers, merch trailers, or any other trailer you need for your business. Their most popular system is the PTS-2G Trailer Alarm w/ GPS & Cellular Notification. Made in the USA, the The PRO-TEC System...more
MAHLE Motorsport - Leader in Pisto

MAHLE Motorsport - Leader in Pisto...

The MAHLE Motorsport PowerPak kit is our high-volume shelf stock program developed for high-performance enthusiasts and sportsman class racers. The PowerPak pistons are made from either 4032 aluminum alloy to allow for tighter cylinder-to-wall clearances and improved temperature stability, or 2618 alloy to allow for increased detonation resistance. Each kit is complete with a set of high-performance rings, containing either a low drag 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm set, a 1.5mm,...more
SRI Indy Acquires Exclusive Distri

SRI Indy Acquires Exclusive Distri...

Brownsburg, IN - SRI Indy, a leading provider of high-performance racing parts and accessories, announced today that it has acquired exclusive distribution rights for SPA Technique fire suppression systems in the United States, Mexico and Canada. SPA Technique is a leading manufacturer of fire suppression systems for the motorsport industry. Their products are trusted by professional racers worldwide and are known for their exceptional quality and performance. As part...more
MAHLE Motorsport Expands Event Sch

MAHLE Motorsport Expands Event Sch...

MAHLE Motorsport is expanding its event schedule and sponsorship support for the Southeast Gassers Association (SEGA) for 2023, the company announced. This year, MAHLE Motorsport will attend 11 events including three SEGA events in April, June and November, the NMCA/NMRA All Star Nationals, Ultimate Callout Challenge, Hot Rod Power Tour and Rocky Mountain Race Week in June, the Midwest Drags in July, and three events in September including Holley LS Fest, Hot Rod Drag...more
How To Take Measurements For A Cus

How To Take Measurements For A Cus...

Safety is paramount in racing, and a good fire suit goes a long way in protecting you if things go wrong. Simpson Racing knows a thing or two about keeping you safe in a fire and has been keeping drivers safe for decades. You don’t just grab the first fire suit that you can fit into. Here’s how you measure yourself for a proper-fitting fire suit that not only looks good, but will protect you. Shop Simpson Fire Suits here.
Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us! TJ

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us! TJ...

The TJ Hydraulic Bumper Pull Jack is available for bumper pull & towable trailers and uses the same 3-bolt triangle hole pattern as manual or electric jacks for easy installation. The TJ has a 6,000 lbs. lifting capacity with a 16” stroke. This unit has a commercial single-function pump with a manual override screw drive. Operated by a simple rocker-style switch control, with a built-in key for safe lockout of the jack. This unit also uses a steel pump cover for...more
The RACEceiver Element- Results Yo

The RACEceiver Element- Results Yo...

The RACEceiver Element has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all RACEceivers have so it can be used at tracks where the RACEceiver is mandated. Water Resistant & Dust Resistant, it can be used in wet and dirty environments, perfect for boating, kayaking or extreme offroad adventures. The Element takes everything you love about the RACEceiver Classic Fusion+ and just improves it with a long lasting rechargeable battery and water & dust...more
Keyser Manufacturing Tire Inflatio

Keyser Manufacturing Tire Inflatio...

Keyser Manufacturing's Tire Inflation Stand allows the user to easily check stagger without mounting the tire on a rim. Two machined aluminum plates replicate each side of the rim bead. Emulates rim sizes of 8”, 10”, 14” and 18” width. Steel pin and hardened collar hold pressure in rim. Fast acting valve allows user to quickly shut off air supply to tire at desired pressure, which is read out on an easy-to-read pressure gauge. Heavy duty base situated on pneumatic...more
Track Crew Members, Race Fans, Hun

Track Crew Members, Race Fans, Hun...

Hearing Protection When It's Loud. Amplification When It's Quiet. Electronic Earmuffs give you comfort for your environments where you need to hear and protect your hearing at the same time. Clear, smooth sound enhancement lets you hear what you want while protecting your hearing from damaging loud sounds. Ideal for Motorsports Spectators, Track Staff, and more. No need to take them off during caution to hear the people around you! Highlights NRR: 24 dB noise reduction...more
Keyser Manufacturing Tire Wash Sta

Keyser Manufacturing Tire Wash Sta...

Tire Wash Stand Tire Wash Stand allows user to easily clean tires. Tire simply slips over wheel hub that rides on a sealed bearing. Pressure from any pressure washer will spin the tire as desired. Keeps tires out of the dirt while washing and gets it up to a comfortable height. Easily collapsible for shipping/transportation. Ships in (2) pieces UPS ground. Heavy duty base to keep the unit stable while in use. Bolt-on pneumatic wheels to help move to desired wash...more
Eibach Race Springs offer unparall

Eibach Race Springs offer unparall...

Eibach's ERS line has evolved over the years to be the world's most prominent, comprehensive, and superior Race Spring System. With decades of manufacturing experience, Eibach consistently achieves the most linear spring characteristic (rate) while maintaining the tightest tolerances and the highest quality in the industry. With over 1500 spring types to choose from, Eibach is here to help get the most out of any suspension system. Visit our website to see our full...more
MyRacePass Changes the Game Again

MyRacePass Changes the Game Again...

Announcer Audio Feed Can Now Be Heard Directly through the MyRacePass App LINCOLN, Neb. (05/16/24) – Well-known as ‘The Ultimate Racing Resource,’ MyRacePass is again changing the motorsports game with the release of their latest development, MRP Audio. MRP Audio allows tracks and series to stream their announcer’s broadcast directly to the MyRacePass app, so that fans, teams, and staff can keep track of the latest news and updates of the on-track action even when they...more
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