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MSTS 360 to pay $25,000 in 201

MSTS 360 to pay $25,000 in 201...

Top competitors of the Property Solutions of America Midwest Sprint Touring Series will take home $25,000 from the 2018 point fund. The large point fund is an increase...more
Jackson Motorplex Awarding Mor

Jackson Motorplex Awarding Mor...

(Photo by Rob Kocak) Inside Line Promotions – JACKSON, Minn. (Sept. 11, 2017) – Jackson Motorplex will dole out more than $170,000 to 13 sprint car teams that met the...more
Jackson Motorplex’s Loyalty Tr

Jackson Motorplex’s Loyalty Tr...

(Photo by Jeff Bylsma) Inside Line Promotions – JACKSON, Minn. (March 20, 2017) – A total of 19 drivers with roots across the Midwest have signed up for the loyalty...more

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