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  • 2014 160th Avenue
  • St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

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Size3/8 Mile
BankingSemi Banked



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Ball Brings Home Pair of Top 1

Ball Brings Home Pair of Top 1...

(Photo by Serena Dalhamer) Inside Line Promotions – NEW RICHMOND, Wis. (Sept. 15, 2015) – Jamie Ball posted a pair of top-10 finishes last weekend during his debut in...more
Bowers Adds UMSS Dan Grams Mem

Bowers Adds UMSS Dan Grams Mem...

After Chris Graf and Jerry Richert, Jr. got collected in an incident in turn 2 on lap 9 of the 25 lap UMSS Dan Grams Memorial feature race on Friday night July 24 at...more
Johnny Parsons III Overtakes M

Johnny Parsons III Overtakes M...

Although Mother Nature caused about an hour rain delay when the back edge of a thunderstorm complex just clipped the St. Croix Valley Raceway with a brief but heavy...more

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