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Garen Linder Triumphs With ASC

Garen Linder Triumphs With ASC...

(Image Credit: Andrew Kunas) Bryan Hulbert – ROCK SPRINGS, Wy. (September 4, 2021) Able to fend off multiple challenges through Saturday’s 25-laps showdown at...more
Garen Linder Gets ASCS Frontie

Garen Linder Gets ASCS Frontie...

Bryan Hulbert – ROCK SPRINGS, Wy. (August 8, 2020) Outlasting a torrid battle through traffic, Oregon’s Garen Linder parked in Victory Lane with the Brodix ASCS...more
Linder Scores First ASCS Front

Linder Scores First ASCS Front...

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (June 20, 2015) Score one for the state of Oregon as Medford’s Garen Linder charged from fifth to grab the win with the ASCS Frontier Region at the...more

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