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Shake Up Jacob – Rough and Tou

Shake Up Jacob – Rough and Tou...

NEWTON (July 15, 2011) – Last weekend Jacob and the Ossenfort Racing team set out for a weekend full of excitement, little did they know their excitement would consist...more
Shake Up Jacob – A Lesson Lear

Shake Up Jacob – A Lesson Lear...

NEWTON (June 30, 2011) – Jacob set out for a three day weekend behind the wheel of his Don Ott powered Knology #99J 410, running two nights across the border in...more
Shake Up Jacob – Another Learn

Shake Up Jacob – Another Learn...

NEWTON (June 23, 2011) – It was a two day weekend for Jacob and the Ossenfort racing team last weekend. From Rapid City to Brandon, it was a trip across South...more

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