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Meet Daltyn England

Meet Daltyn England

The Advanced Fastening Supply, Badger Midget Auto Racing Association boasts a group of pilots with different racing backgrounds and varied routines outside of racing. ...more
Daltyn England Captures 2023 M

Daltyn England Captures 2023 M...

Sun Prairie (September 3rd, 2023) - After 12 long and grueling nights of racing, Daltyn England came across the line to take the 2023 AgVenture and Wehmeyer Seed Midget...more
2023 Advanced Fastening Supply

2023 Advanced Fastening Supply...

Sun Prairie, WI (July 20th, 2023) - With just 10 events left on the calendar for the Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midgets, it’s time to look back at the season so...more

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