Driver Profile

Roger Grover

  • Crew Chief

Roger has over 30 years of racing experience as a mechanic, crew member, car owner and currently crew chief. Roger's knowledge of set-ups and understanding of the true mechanics and responses of the car are second to none. And he is the most honest and loyal person you will ever have the priviledge to meet.

Brian Nixon

  • Race Tires

Brian also has well over 30 years of racing experience as a mechanic, car owner and crew member. He as a vast knowledge of Stock cars and Sprint cars and is especially talented in his knowledge of racing tires and compounds.

Pat Shea

  • Weekly Maintenance

Pat is a seasoned member of the crew and also has well over 30 years into being a mechanic, crew member and car owner. Pat coordinates the weekly maintenance of all the cars and is extremly hands on at the track.

Morris Hodson

  • Crew

Mr. Mo has been around racing and part of crews since the early 70's. Another exceptional person anyone would have the privilege of knowing and invaluable as to his ability to do whatever, wherever needed.

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