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What is the United Rebel Sprint Series?
The United Rebel Sprint Series is the premier sanctioning body for 305 winged sprint car racing in the world. The series was founded by Rick Salem in 2006, giving 305 winged sprint car racers somewhere to compete with uniform rules and guaranteed purse money in the midwest.

What is a 305 Sprint Car?
A United Rebel Sprint Car is a purpose-built open-wheel race car that must weigh at least 1,550 pounds with the driver in the car. The 305-cubic inch engine is fueled by methanol and produces approximately 450 horsepower.

2022 Sprint Car Specs
Engine: 305 Cubic inch max
Fuel System: Fuel Injection
Horsepower: Approx 500 hp
Compression Ratio: 10-11:1
RPM: 3,200 - 7,800 rpm
Speed: Up to 125 Mph
Powertrain: In/Out direct drive with quick change rear end
Lubrication: Dry sump oil system
Fuel: Methanol
Wheelbase: 80”-95”
Width: 77”
Weight: 1,550 with the driver
Chassis - Chrome-moly frame
Ground Clearance: 6” on right, 4” on left
Tire Brand: Hoosier
Right Rear Tire: 18” wide, 94” circumference
Wheels: Aluminum
Steering System: Power steering
Brakes: Disc brakes

Why is there a wing on top of the car?
A large wing on top of the car with sideboards that face opposite directions produces a great amount of downforce to help keep the car planted on the track and turn in the corners. The wings also help to absorb energy in the case of the car getting airborne in an accident. Top wings became prominent in the early 1980s. The cars also have nose wings.

Why are the cars pushed to start?
Sprint Cars do not have starters, so push trucks are used to fire the engine and get the car in gear. The car only has an in/out drive, no reverse.

Where do the United Rebel Sprint Series Cars Race?
The Series races all over the midwest. Some of the most well-known tracks on the circuit include: Dodge City Raceway Park in Kansas, Lincoln County Raceway in Nebraska, Longdale Speedway in Oklahoma, and Belleville High Banks in Kansas.

What are the United Rebel Sprint Series Race Night Formats?
Drivers Meeting — Prior to each night of racing, all United Rebel Sprint Series drivers and crew members attend a mandatory meeting conducted by Series Officials. The meeting outlines the night’s racing and any procedural changes that may be in place.
Hot Laps — Group practice sessions of three or more laps (depending on track size) are run at speed for drivers to ensure their cars are ready for qualifying. Groups are determined by a draw that also determines the order for time trials.
Qualifying (Time Trials) — Each driver runs two timed laps to determine where they will start in the Heat races. Any competitor who misses his spot in the qualifying order by more than two places is allowed one lap at the end of time trials with restrictions placed on how well they can officially be scored.
Heat Races (or Heats) — A series of 8- to 12-lap races (depending on size of track) that determine which cars will move on to the Feature or Last Chance Showdown. The top five cars in the Heats transfer when there are four heat races. If there are three heat races, then the top six transfer to the Feature. The number of Heats depends on the number of cars.
Feature — The final race of the night determines the champion, who enters Victory Lane followed by the second and third place finishers. These three constitute the Podium. Depending on the size of the track, the Feature usually ranges from 25 to 40 laps, which is predetermined and shared with the drivers and teams at the Drivers Meeting.

What are the United Rebel Sprint Series Car Radio Frequencies?
The United Rebel Sprint Series Car Radio Frequencies are

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