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  • 7605 Recorder Drive
  • Amite, LA 70817

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Class360 Winged Sprints

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The Cajun Sprinters Association (CSA) is an elite sprint car club based mainly in the southeast region of the United States. This club is also an entry-level organization that is strictly family oriented. It was founded in 1990 by Larry Todd, Chuck Todd, P.O. Schmidt, Denise Todd, Abe Davis and Buddy Hebert, and given the title Southern Thunder Racing Tour.

The first race was at St. Tammany Speedway in 1991 with six cars present. The Cajun Sprinters Association (CSA) wasn't incorporated until 1992. The first president was David Heintz and the second president was Abe Davis. The CSA is governed by a board of members elected by the clubs members. Joining the CSA is simple, anyone can become a member by racing a car with CSA and becoming a stockholder.

The CSA races in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, and occasionally in other southern states. The race season begins in March and ends in October.

There are strict rules and policies that govern every aspect of the association from behavior to car specifications. A general meeting is held at the end of every season in October to set new or revised rules for the upcoming race season. The engine rules are locked in for three years, and changes can only be made every three years by the shareholders (car owners).

A CSA race is a must see for any race fan. In addition, the CSA has a variety of sponsors for different aspects of the club.

The drivers of the CSA are devoted in every way possible, but their chief dedication is to their fans. During intermission at every racing event, CSA drivers participate in Meet & Greet with fans in the stands, throw "goodies" to the kids, as well as sign autographs.

Every race night is filled with action which includes 3-4 heat races and a 25-lap feature race that starts with a four abreast salute to the fans. So get ready for wide open, dirt sliggin', edge of your seat excitement! A Cajun race is not to be missed and you'll be beggin' for more!

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