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Class360 Winged Sprints

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Welcome to the United Sprint Car Series!

The United Sprint Car Series is the premiere Sprint Car Series of the southeast. Featuring 64 events across the southeast region, USCS has become a staple in dirt track racing!

Race Fans, you can now catch select events on Dirt2Media! Be sure to visit our schedule page to see which events will be broadcast.

The United Sprint Car Series was created back in 1997 by Pete Walton, a former multi - title go-kart champion and seasoned sprint car driver himself from Fayetteville, GA
This is the 26th season for the USCS in promoting 360 Outlaw sprint car events all over the Southeastern US.

In 2006 the K & N Open Wheel Modified division was added to the USCS touring schedule and in 2011 the 600 mini sprints were added to the touring schedule. Prompting a name change for the USCS.

At each United Speed Contest Sanction event there is a 6 car, 6 lap Hoosier Tire Power Dash for each division. This Dash for Cash consists of the 6 fastest cars from tonight’s Passing Points. The winner collects ($100 –Sprints and $50 for Mini Sprints) cash as well as securing a top spot for tonight’s Feature.

Passing Points/ Inversion
The USCS 360 Outlaws and the 600 sprints run passing points during their qualifying heats. Passing points determine who starts where in the Feature Event. The car that passed the most cars in his heat will start farther up than the car that didn’t.

The winner of the first heat may not be the high point man, but he will draw an Inversion Pill. 0, 4 or 6. This Inversion Pill will determine the line up for the top 6 cars in the Feature Event.
The USCS Modifieds do not run passing points. The winner of the first heat will draw an Inversion Pill. 0, 4 or 6. This Inversion Pill will determine the line up for the top 6 cars in the Feature Event.

About the 360 Sprints
A little about those 700 horse power, methanol guzzling Winged Bandits: These cars have 360 cubic inch motors that run on methanol. The wing on top works like an inverted airplane wing and helps to keep the car on the ground, but if the car gets airborne, that wing acts like a wing……….
These dominant speed freaks do not have a transmission to help save on weight, so
they must be push started. The cars are either In gear or Out of gear. These outlaw sprints are the lightest racecars on the track for their size. They weigh only 1465 pounds with the driver. 1300 without.

About the 600cc Mini Sprints
The 600 sprint cars also run a 6 car, 6 lap Power Dash as well as heats. They will also pull an Inversion Pill for the Feature Event.
The 600 mini sprints run on a 600cc motorcycle engine. These mini monsters do have transmissions and do not need to be pushed to start. These cars also run on methanol. Unlike the 360 sprints, the mini sprints do not need to warm their engines before racing. When they hit the track, they’re ready to race. The 600 sprints weigh only 800 pounds, with the driver.

About the USCS Modifieds
The K & N Open Wheel Modified division will also run a 6 car, 6 lap Power Dash. If time permits, they will time trial for position in their heats. They also pull an Inversion Pill for their Feature event. The K & N modifieds have the option to run topless. The modifieds weigh 2450 pounds with the driver.

Each USCS driver is required to wear the Approved Raceiver radio. This radio allows the tower to communicate with each driver. This helps with line ups after cautions, and especially during a caution to inform drivers where the caution is on the track so that they are safe.

4-abreast – “Salute to the Fans”
As each Feature lines up on the track to run their main event, they will give a 4 abreast salute to the fans. The race cars will line up 4 cars per row. This is our way at the USCS to say thank you so much for coming out to support your local track and to see some awesome racing. This salute is a bit difficult because of all the methanol fumes and the cars are so close together it is hard for the drivers to get a clean breath of air. They will stay in formation for one lap. As they come by the grandstands, It’s a chance for the fans to stand and wave, wave to their favorite drivers, wave their hats, their wigs, scream, yell, and let the drivers know they see them and are having a good time.

Please stop by the Official USCS Souvenir stand and see Kim. We have some great souvenirs: shirts, toys, goggles, checkered flags, hoodies…. And more!

Also, please follow us on facebook, MyRacePass, and on twitter. You can also go to for results, stories of the drivers, and upcoming events.

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