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  • 4880 East J Street
  • Hastings, NE 68901

Quick Info

Size1/8 Mile
BankingSlightly Banked

Track Bio

KAM Raceway all began as a dream of Charlie Reece and Dick Stelzer (with a lot of help from Steve Johnson), and in 1979 that dream became a reality. Starting a race track was no small feat though; it took hundreds of hours of labor, numerous donations and a lot of help from fellow racers.

All of the hard work paid off in August 1979, when KAM held its first race. On that very first race night there were no lights and no fence, just car tires and a few billboards; but it was racing at its best!

The track was finished, as it is today, in the spring of 1980. This was the first full season of racing for KAM Raceway. At that time, the track was flat with no banking, and there was little seating for spectators.

In 1981 KAM purchased the bleachers from the Adams County Fairgrounds. In the years that have followed, many improvements have been made to the track, along with upkeep and maintenance. All of the work has been done by racers and fans, volunteering their time.

KAM held the biggest race in its history in 1983; the Modified Midget Nationals. The race drew in cars from all over the United States. It was a huge success, with over 250 cars, and standing room only for all four nights of racing. Thanks to Dick Stelzer, who was Track Association President, and many others for all of the time it took to pull this off, in only the fourth year of KAM’s existence!

Dick and Charlie’s dream in 1979 was to keep kids involved with their families (even after graduating) – and to help keep kids out of trouble – and it has worked for nearly 40 years! KAM Raceway is still committed to that same vision – to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for families and individuals who live and love racing.

Thank you Dick, Charlie, and everyone involved with creating the success that is KAM Raceway. If it wasn’t for their dream, and all of the hard work and dedication from so many people, KAM Raceway would not be here today. We look forward to the next 40 years and beyond!

Thank you for coming to the races and supporting the kids and adults who are racing!


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