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  • 1000 North Lincoln Street
  • Knoxville, IA 50138

Quick Info

Size1/2 Mile
BankingSemi Banked

Track Bio

Today the seating surrounding Knoxville Raceway is slightly above the 24,000 mark, which is thought to be the fourth largest outdoor facility in Iowa (behind the football stadiums of Iowa and Iowa State Universities and the brand new Iowa Speedway). Seating in 1954 was listed as 2,000.

The payout for the 2008 Nationals will be $910,000 with the winner's share being a cool $150,000. With customers now being able to purchase event tickets on line at home as well as being able to do the same with track merchandise and souvenirs, Knoxville continues to grow in new directions.

With this storied fairgrounds celebrating 55 years of continuous weekly racing in 2008, it has developed a reputation that is known world wide and has become an icon for what others strive to be. 2010 will see the 50th annual Knoxville Nationals and the possibility of a million dollar purse.


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