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  • 151 Legion Rd
  • West Memphis, AR 72301

Quick Info

Size1/4 Mile
BankingSemi Banked

Track Bio


Riverside International Speedway is a quarter mile, high-banked gumbo race track filled with Thrills, Chills, and Spills. A pavilion display area is on the east side. Our scoring system is connected to a scoreboard that allows the race fans to know the lap number and the top three cars. There are two ticket offices and two grandstands one on the east side and other one on the west side. Both ticket offices sell pit passes and general admission tickets. Drivers enter through the west gate and purchase their pit passes at the West Gate. At the end of the night, the drivers are paid on the east side, and the East Gate entrance is opened so that race car haulers and trailers can go through the gate. A kid's play area is located on the east side. There is a concrete walkway that connects the east to the west side. There are concessions, Riverside t-shirts, and beer stands on both sides of the track. Drivers register on the east side. The east side pit parking along the fence is for large trailers. The smaller enclosed and open trailers park along the fence on the east side beside the track, along the south fence, and on the west side. The flag man and the flag stand are located on the front straight away on the east side. Pictures below show various parts of the track facility. Track Photographers: Phil Bowden, Scott Frazier & Billy Russ


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