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  • 2357 Fair Street
  • Chico, CA 95928

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Size1/4 Mile
BankingHigh Banked

Track Bio

Steve Kinser won the first World of Outlaw race held in 1979 at Silver Dollar Speedway. (6-19-79). Ironically, Steve Kinser has won the last two Gold Cups held at the race track. He now has won 11 Gold Cup Race of Champions main events, the most of any other driver. His wins in 2002 and 2003 proved once again that he is still the King of the Outlaws.
The final race of the year involves the Pacific Sprint 360 Fall Nationals. The race attracts drivers from all over the Western United States and Canada. This three day event finalizes the racing season at Silver Dollar Speedway and traditionally boasts close to 100 drivers for the three nights of racing. In 2003, former World of Outlaw rookie of the year Brad Furr captured the 40 lap main event.

All-Time Gold Cup Race of Champions
A-Main Win List (1951-2017)

One of the most prestigious races west of the Mississippi has run 136 A Mains in its 64 Year History and here is the All-Time A Main win list…..

Steve Kinser 21
Joey Saldana 6
Sammy Swindell
Andy Hillenburg 5
Donny Schatz
Jason Meyers 4
Al Pombo
Jeff Swindell
Johnny Anderson 3
Dave Blaney
Craig Dollansky
Tim Green
Jac Haudenschild
Tim Kaeding
Jimmy Sills
Shane Stewart
Jonathan Allard 2
Brad Doty
Jimmy Gordon
Brent Kaeding
Mark Kinser
Kyle Larson
Danny Lasoski
Paul McMahan
Red Mullican
Daryn Pittman
Danny Smith
Stevie Smith
Rico Abreu 1
Wally Baker
Sean Becker
Jimmy Boyd
Greg Brown
Larry Burton
Shane Carson
Leroy Van Conett
Terry Crousore
Gene Dudley
Joe Gaerte
Tony Goularte
Danny Graves
Joe Guisti
Chuck Gurney
Darrell Hanestad
Randy Hannigan
Kyle Hirst
Johnny Key
Carson Macedo
Chuck Miller
Gary Patterson
Marshall Sargent
Tim Shaffer
Jeff Sheppard
Ron Shuman
Johnny Soares
Jason Solwold
Wayne Sue
Randy Tiner
Mark Ward
Mike Wasina
Doug Wolfgang


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