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HometownWaco, TX

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Trevor Reed

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Trevor was born in Abilene, Texas on November 28, 1993. Trevor lived in Abilene for four years, until he moved to Waco, Texas where he now currently lives. Trevor graduated from Connally High School in Waco, Texas where he graduated in the top ranks of his class. Trevor started his racing career in dirt karts at the age of eight. Trevor would continue to run karts till the age of thirteen where he moved to a stock car. Trevor would run the stock car for one year, until he moved in the mini sprint. Trevor would run the mini sprint for fived years before moving into a sprint car. Trevor currently races his sprint car with the Sprint Series of Texas and any other track that runs sprint cars in Texas.

Crew Members

Russ Reed, Terry Keenan, Trey Copeland, Jon Randall, James Mosely

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