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  • 2315 Braley Road
  • Ransomville, NY 14131

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Size4/10 Mile
BankingSemi Banked

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Get to Ransomville Speedway!

Every Friday night fans can enjoy the greatest racing action in Southern Ontario and Western New York! Ransomviille Speedway is simply Stock Racing at it's finest!

History or Ransomville Speedway

The original Ransomville Speedway was built behind Ed Ortiz’s service garage during the mid-1950's, in order to keep the kids from racing on village streets. In 1958, the Ransomville Speedway you see now was opened by a group called the Ransomville Slo-Pokes.
During the mid 70’s Stan Friesen purchased the speedway and alongside his family, owned and operated the Ransomville Speedway for 42 seasons.
In December of 2015, the Atwal family purchased the Big R and immediately began plans of renovations, including a new concession stand, new souvenir stand and track office building as well as the brand new jumbo-tron that was installed for the 2016 racing season.
Plans are also in the works for a new tech barn and pit concession stand along with a new surface that is being put down in time for the 2018 season.
2018 will mark the 61st season of stock car racing in the hamlet of Ransomville! We hope to see you at a race in 2018!


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