Track Profile


  • 1933 Chulio Rd SE
  • Rome, GA 30161

Quick Info

Size1/2 Mile
BankingHigh Banked
CompositionRed Clay
Shape"D" Oval

Track Bio

Rome Speedway was purchased by Mickey and Martha Swims in fall of 1968. They held their first race on March 16, 1969. After the first season, many changes were made. The changes included a new set of lights and concrete grandstands as well as races being on Sunday nights.
Over the years, Rome Speedway has become a staple in the Southeast. Drivers and spectators come from all over to experience the speed that is Rome Speedway. With speeds of 150+ mph, it has gained its reputation of being the nation's fastest half mile dirt track. The current track record is held by Billy Moyer at 12.789.
With the 2023 season coming up, Rome Speedway has made some exciting changes. Those changes include the traditional Sunday night races being switched to Saturday nights, the blue and white wall, and the introduction of MyRacePass. With over 50 years of management, the Swims family looks forward to seeing you in the 2023 season.


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