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Kicking Off The 2020 Season

Opening weekend for USAC/CRA at Canyon Speedway In Az, didn't start out quite the way the Moose Team had planned, After fighting brake issues most of the evening - the crew changed everything they could think of. Line up for main.. let's get this green flag waving. Lap 1 car in the front of the pack, spins out causing an accordion effect and Austin has no where to go but up and over. Resulting in a 19th place finish. As they say, tomorrow is a new day. The crunched 92 takes it's place back in the trailer and the backup is rolled out. Thoughts of the previous night are gone and let's do this!! Qualifying 10th, and claiming the Flowdynamics Heat Race, Austin started front row of the 30 lap Main Event. Those 30 laps saw the talent and efforts of Austin and the ability of the Moose Crew to rebound from the previous night. Leary, the USAC National Champ wheels his way past Austin on lap 8 and held the lead for the remains laps, but not without several close attempts from Austin. Came up just a tad bit short... but a 2nd to A National Champ is almost as good as taking the checkered flag 1st.




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